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What should I do if Suzuki uy125 oil is added too much (how much Suzuki uy125 oil is added)

There is too much engine oil in the car, the power drops, and the fuel consumption rises. The upper limit of the scale of this oil gauge is exceeded. It is best to take it out, and I don't want to go to the repair shop for fear of trouble. How to do it myself? I made a video.

How to make simple sucker rod with household goods.

First of all, find a used bottle of shower gel at home, and then take down the shower nozzle on it. Generally, the shower head of shower gel is of this pressing type, so you can suck up the liquid when you press it. This is equivalent to a small pressure pump, which we can use to pump oil.

However, it should be noted that this nozzle should be cleaned and dried before use to avoid impurities mixing into the engine oil, or you can buy a new gadget directly from a treasure.

The next step is to find a thin extension tube, because the tube under the shower gel is generally short, so there is no way to suck the engine oil. The extension tube is about one meter long, and it should be thin enough so that it can be inserted through the opening of the oil dipstick.

By the way, the oil filler can't be put in generally, and it can only be put in through the hole of the oil dipstick.

If there is no such pipe, you can also replace it with extra network cable at home, cut off both ends of the network cable and take out the solid line inside. The outer pipe can be used as a catheter.

When these two things are ready, just connect the extension pipe to the pipe under the press head, and then stick it with adhesive tape. A small oil pump is ready, and finally find a bottle to hold the oil, and you can pump it.

Make preparations before pumping oil.

Park the car on a flat place and wait for 10 minutes before smoking. This is done to make the oil return to the oil pan and ensure that the measured oil quantity is accurate.

At the same time, it can also cool down the oil, so as to avoid burning yourself when you pump it. Think about the oil pan.

Then put this tube into it and start to absorb oil. You can pump out this oil by pressing the nozzle like you usually squeeze shower gel.

But be careful not to pump too much oil at a time. Generally, after pumping a little, you can check the oil quantity with the oil dipstick to ensure that the oil is below the highest scale of the oil dipstick.

You can also buy syringes and infusion tubes in pharmacies to pump oil.

If you think the oil pump is too troublesome, you can also go to the drugstore to buy a larger syringe and an infusion tube to pump oil, which is relatively cleaner.

When pumping, connect the infusion tube with the syringe, directly extend the infusion tube into the opening of the oil dipstick and suck out the oil. One advantage of the syringe is that you can call back directly if you smoke too much. This is a more convenient place.

What are the consequences of mixing different brands of engine oil?

In addition to adding more oil, it will be harmful to the car. In fact, adding less oil will also hurt the car. If it's less, you have to add it. You don't have the original brand of engine oil on hand, so you grabbed a bottle. For example, you can't help it in Tibet.

Does it matter if you add another brand? How long does it take to change this oil? How long can I use the engine oil if I put it there safely? What will happen if the car is driven directly without oil? I made videos for you.

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What are the consequences of mixing different brands of engine oil? What is the life of the oil itself? Will the car explode without adding oil?

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