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Secco rx1s parameter (Secco rx1s parameter configuration)

Review in the past:

Looking at the domestic recreational vehicle market, many car companies are aiming at the 500-level or even higher displacement but ignoring the market of entry-level models. Except for a few models, such as two CB190 series, which riders are familiar with, it is difficult to find a suitable choice in the market. The third generation RX1S is the product launched by Sekelon for the market gap.

In terms of seat height, combined with the height ratio of most Chinese people,

On the basis of keeping a high ground clearance

The seat height is controlled at 785mm, which is almost unattractive compared with the same class.

The instrument adopts digital+pointer design, and in 2022, the sense of technology is slightly lower. However, considering that the same class models are basically configured in this way, it is understandable.

The 14L fuel tank can not only provide the endurance of more than 400+ kilometers,

At the same time, the inward narrowing design is convenient for drivers to hold the fuel tank well, and can also play a certain wind resistance effect.

The integrated high-elastic cushion has a good sense of wrapping the buttocks, which is conducive to reducing the fatigue of long-distance riding. The front design extending to the fuel tank is also friendly to male compatriots.

The third generation RX1S adopts the front inverted damping and the rear middle multi-link damping, which makes the overall training style more comfortable. Inversion before reduction is the mainstream configuration at present, needless to say.

The key point is its central multi-link damping, which not only has a longer damping stroke than ordinary damping, but also provides better feedback road feeling and comfort, and has stronger impact resistance in extreme scenes such as flying slopes. This means that the third-generation RX1S with three boxes removed has very good playability in the face of some forest roads with less harsh road conditions.

Of course, you can only get it if you give up, and the suspension training based on comfort will inevitably lose some shock absorption support. During heavy braking or high-speed cornering, the damping will have obvious downward pressure, which is slightly insufficient in support. However, there is a specialization in the industry. After all, the third generation RX1S is a leisure trip that pays attention to comfort rather than a imitation race that pursues curve performance.

Except for the obvious nodding phenomenon of the front of the car when braking suddenly mentioned above, the overall braking effect of the third generation RX1S is good.

The front and rear ABS intervention time is reasonable and the brake feel is obvious.

As a recreational vehicle, standing riding is indispensable. It is not difficult to see from the above picture that for knights over 175cm, the leg space for standing riding is slightly cramped. Of course, this also confirms its entry-level positioning from the side.

In the engine part, the third-generation RX1S equipped with PY250 water-cooled engine can burst out with the maximum torque of 21 Nm and the maximum power of 18kw, which is the one with excellent power in the same class. In the middle and low rotation, the power is improved rapidly, and it is very easy to face climbing and overtaking.

Regarding the vibration performance of this engine, it can be said that this is the most impressive one of the single-cylinder models of Zongshen that Xiaobian tested last year. Compared with Zongshen 250R, a streetcar with the same displacement, PY250 has better vibration suppression. Coupled with the addition of imported sliding clutch, the riding comfort of the third generation RX1S has been greatly improved.

After playing on unpaved pavement for a whole afternoon, thanks to the water-cooled power platform, the engine can still provide reliable running quality after a long period of intense driving. The only problem found is that the original wide tires are more inclined to daily use. If riders have special needs for unpaved roads, they suggest replacing turtle-back tires with better mud grip.

Finally, the main parameters of the third generation RX1S are attached.

Slot point

1. When other configurations are comparable to the same class models, the halogen headlights are still slightly inferior. Attached is the night lighting effect, which is for reference only.

2. The plastic exterior parts will produce abnormal noise when driving at high speed. Considering the engineering sample car, please refer to the commercially available car!

Summary: In the same class, the third generation RX1S can give you more power and configuration. There is no doubt that it is a cost-effective entry-level recreational vehicle. In addition to meeting the basic needs of motorcycle travel, it can also unlock more ways of playing. If you accept its relatively conservative appearance, then it will be a very suitable choice for you within the range of 20 thousand.

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