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Why can't you choose 0 and 5 (the three most popular numbers and letters) for the license plate number?

"Zhengzhou City has been limited to 5 and 0 Fridays for 3 years. Can the order of the limit be changed? It is very difficult to drive on Fridays. I hope I can consider taking turns." On March 8, some netizens reported to Dahe. com whether they could appeal to the relevant departments to rotate the tail number.

Travel and return are all affected. Should the owners of 5, 0, 1 and 6 recognize it?

Restricting the rotation of the tail number is a problem that netizens often pay attention to. In May, 2021, some netizens left a message in Dahe.com's interactive community, saying, "It's unfair that I want to go out to play on weekends because of the limited number on Friday, so I can't leave work on Friday and have to wait until Saturday morning."

"Car owners with tail numbers 5 and 0 want to go home to visit their parents and family after work on Friday, or they can only wait until Saturday when they go out for leisure travel on weekends, while car owners with tail numbers 1 and 6 are affected when they return home on Monday all year round, which is inconvenient." Netizen "Meat" believes that Zhengzhou's motor vehicle restriction policy has never changed its tail number since its implementation, which has seriously affected the lives of some people, especially the owners of tail numbers 5 and 0, 1 and 6.

"Since the implementation of the number limit, most new car owners will directly avoid the tail numbers such as 0, 5, 1 and 6, but for the old car owners who can't change the license plate number, this is a very helpless and unfair thing. Meat also feeds back his opinions to the local leadership message board in Zhengzhou.

Official: The rotation limit will bring inconvenience to cross-city traffic.

In response to the message of "MEAT", Zhengzhou 12345 Mayor Hotline also responded.

"At present, all cities in our province are limited to 1 and 6 on Monday, 2 and 7 on Tuesday, 3 and 8 on Wednesday, 4 and 9 on Thursday, and 5 and 0 on Friday. If Zhengzhou City is adjusted to the rotation limit and the surrounding cities in the province are not adjusted, it will bring great inconvenience to cross-city drivers. "

The 12345 mayor hotline believes that the rotation limit is not convenient for the public to remember, which may cause drivers and passengers to mistakenly enter the restricted area on the day of the restriction. Fixed limit tail number is convenient for citizens to plan their travel routes in advance and facilitate citizens to travel.

"At present, there is no plan to rotate the tail number." A related person from the Traffic Police Detachment of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau said that some car owners did reflect the above situation, but it did not represent the demands of most car owners. At present, there is no such plan.

Since the implementation of motor vehicle restrictions in Zhengzhou in 2017, the daily limit of two tail numbers has been fixed, and the majority of car owners have also formed travel habits. "If you rotate, many car owners may have opinions and find it inconvenient to remember."

Netizens think it is unnecessary to rotate the tail number.

On Weibo, netizens also discussed this issue.

Netizen "Niu Mowang" said, "I don't support rotation. I think it's too annoying to worry about this every day, but if it really rotates, I have to accept it!"

There are not a few netizens who hold the same opinion as "Niu Mowang". It is generally believed that "it is often wrong to remember the time limit."

The netizen "a leaf of water with serious procrastination" expressed the same trouble as "MEAT". "I wanted to ask this question long ago. For our car numbers, it is 0 and 5. In the future, if children live in school, they will not be able to pick it up on Friday."

"It is fair to limit the rotation of the tail number, and it is not for the public to remember. There is nothing wrong with either way. Which way to choose depends on how most citizens choose. " Netizen "and" said.

What do you think of the rotation tail number? You can log on to Dahe.com to participate in the discussion.

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It has been implemented for many years to restrict the rotation of tail numbers in Beijing and Tianjin.

From October 11, 2008 to April 10, 2009, social vehicles except buses were suspended for one day a week in Beijing.

According to reports, the license plate tail number of vehicles that stop driving for one day every week will be divided into five groups and rotated regularly, which will be announced in advance by the municipal public security traffic management department. Since then, Beijing has begun to implement the rotation of the restricted tail number, which is rotated every three months.

On April 12, 2014, in order to ensure the smooth traffic of vehicles in Beijing and Tianjin, Tianjin's law of limiting the tail number ushered in the first rotation with reference to Beijing's policy of limiting the number. On the same day, it was restricted to 0 and 5, and then it was rotated every three months.

Dahe.com reporter: Song Xiangle

Source: Dahe. com

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