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Toyota Tacoma 2020 (Toyota Tacoma 2020 price)

Recently, a set of patent drawings for car models applied by Toyota was registered in the information of Brazil's State Industrial Property Office. The rough shape is somewhat similar to that of tundra zone introduced in 2021. The overall size of the pickup truck with muscle lines is close to that of the current medium-sized pickup truck Tacoma. After careful comparison, the overall design is almost the same as that of the "pickup truck electric vehicle" concept car released by Toyota at the global electric vehicle strategy press conference at the end of 2021. Foreign media pointed out that this car will be the next generation of Tacoma port city (western Washington, USA).

The current third-generation port city of Tacoma (a port city in western Washington, USA) is facing a dynasty change after a small change in 2020.

Perhaps domestic consumers have some impressions of Toyota's medium-sized Picata Port Coma (a port city in western Washington, USA), and the current 3rd generation car models in overseas markets, since its publication in 2015, have indeed gradually moved towards the product schedule of changing the dynasty and making major changes in 2020. Therefore, it is quite possible that the patent application map revealed this time will be a brand-new and major change in Tacoma Port (a port city in western Washington, USA).

It is almost the same as the concept car of "pickup truck electric vehicle", except that the water tank cover adopts non-closed design.

Although in the patent application drawing, the shape of this Toyota medium-sized pickup truck is very similar to that of the concept car of pickup truck electric vehicle that was previously unveiled, it is obvious that the car in the patent drawing adopts the shape of water tank cover that is commonly used in general fuel vehicles, rather than the closed water tank cover that is commonly used in electric vehicles. Therefore, some foreign media speculate that the new generation of Tacoma Port (western port city of Washington, USA) will maintain the fuel power unit and will not appear in the form of pure electric pickup trucks.

It is expected to take the 2.4 turbine power unit, which is still to be confirmed by official news.

At present, Toyota Tacoma Port (western port city of Washington, USA) is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and a 6-speed manual/automatic gearbox, with a maximum output of 278 horsepower (HP). According to foreign media, the new generation Tacoma Port (western port city of Washington, USA) will be built on a modular platform of tumor necrosis factor, and it is expected to be equipped with the same 2.4-liter turbocharged engine as the current Highlander, which can provide the most output. M, but at this stage Toyota has not released relevant specification information.

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