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There was a plan to change cars a long time ago, and this year it was finally realized. When it comes to human desire, it is really insatiable. When I bought my first car, I was still a small employee and didn't have much money at hand. At that time, I thought about having a car that could walk instead of walking, shelter from the wind and rain, and be warm in winter and cool in summer. At that time, I didn't know what performance configuration and comfort were, and I felt that I was buying a shell. And with the increase of my age and my understanding of cars, I gradually became dissatisfied with that car.

At first, I was dissatisfied with the power. The original car was just a 1.6L engine or a CVT gearbox. Although it was very simple to drive, the power was too weak, especially when the air conditioner was installed in summer and it was still fully loaded. It was a struggle to climb the hill, and the van could easily overtake it. As for manipulation, it is impossible to talk about it. Comfort: It's ok to run on a flat road. When the road is rotten, the chassis is all kinds of loose, and there is abnormal noise after driving for two years. Then there is space. At the earliest, when it was just me and my wife, space was not a problem at all.

Later, with children and parents together, the space seems to be more wronged. Later, when I had a second child, it was even harder to go out with my family. In addition, it snows in winter, the car chassis is low, and there is no four-wheel drive. It is common to lie down. The only thing that is entangled in changing cars is that the funds are not in place. Buying a car now is definitely a mortgage, but the family's daily expenses are not low, as well as the children's tuition fees, milk powder money, and some emergency deposits. These are all necessary expenses, so changing a car can only be done on the premise of ensuring the necessary expenses, and there is enough money to repay the mortgage.

My goal is to change cars within 300 thousand, with four-wheel drive and seven seats, with large space, good power and high configuration. I don't like MPV vans, so I mainly look at SUV models. At first, I looked at Highlander. I liked the model but the price was expensive. I had to increase the price, and the configuration was still general. I gave up decisively. I don't like Korean cars. In the end, Ford Sharp was the only one. After seeing them, I was satisfied in all aspects. The interior of Yan value is not worse than Highlander, and the materials used are even better than Highlander. Not only the interior materials, but also the chassis materials are much better. The lower arm and steering knuckle are all aluminum alloy materials with higher cost and better effect. The configuration is much richer than Highlander, and the power is 2.0T, but the sharp edge is more comfortable to drive and the power response is faster and more direct. Moreover, the price of Sharp is more kind. Not only does it not increase the price, but the discount is still very large. If you mortgage for 2 years with 0 interest rate, you will be given free maintenance for 3 years and 6 times, so you will start decisively ~

Choose a four-wheel drive sport, buy a two-wheel drive, and worry about snow in winter, so go directly to the four-wheel drive.

The face value is quite high and it feels super domineering.

The side is also very handsome, and the body is very harmonious.

The sports version is surrounded by its own body, and the exhaust port at the back is real.

The space in the back row is super large, and the seat can be adjusted back and forth, and the backrest can also be adjusted.

Front door, very good material.

LED headlights, with automatic opening and closing function, can also follow the steering when turning.

Electric seats, and heating function, don't cool your ass in winter.

There are many buttons on the steering wheel, which is also very convenient.

The air conditioning button is intuitive.

Multimedia knob, feel good.

There is a lot of storage space in the car, and they are all very large.

The interior of the armrest box is also made of flocking material.

Just pick up the car, that's all I have to say. Let's share the feeling of using the car next time.

BY Aika car card friends: rejuvenation bad boy 18 years old

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