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The price of 19 models of Cheetah Maitu (2019 models of Cheetah Maitu SUV)

Foreword: Sharp appearance and beautiful shape are what many consumers look like in dream cars. Although we can't afford luxury cars, powerful domestic cars can meet our wishes. Although the core technology is not strong, the most basic shape design can be done quite well. For example, today we are going to look forward to this brand-new domestic car, Cheetah Maitu.

Maitu can be simply regarded as a derivative model of CS10, which is produced on the basis of CS10. Its biggest change is the sharper design, and the air intake grille decorated with vertical chrome trim strips brings a very good sense of design and visual experience. The former China Net, which looks like Maserati, made this Maitu appear, and it was dubbed as "domestic Maserati" by consumers.

In fact, the shape of the Cheetah CS10 can still be seen in the side design of the whole vehicle. Whether it is the overall line design or the tail design, it brings a very good sense of movement. The brand-new Maitu is equipped with R17 more sporty wheels, and a large number of chrome-plated decorations are used on the side, which makes the visual sense of the whole vehicle quite excellent.

Interior design is the most attractive place for consumers at present. The circular air outlet and the overall shape of the central control can be seen that the Mercedes-Benz S-class design language is used. The setting of the dashboard and the interconnection of the central control large screen makes the central control feel very strong, and the setting of the full LCD dashboard can also bring a very good car experience. In a word, the design and materials of the brand-new Maitu interior are very good. Although there is no first contact with the real car, the car experience will not be bad.

As for the power system, Cheetah will be equipped with its own 1.5T engine, and it will also provide a Mitsubishi 2.0T version. In fact, the specific performance of both 1.5T and 2.0T engines is very general, although the overall data performance is acceptable, but the quality performance can only be considered average. The performance of power, fuel consumption, emissions and noise can only be regarded as the middle level in domestic cars.

Summary: The brand-new Maitu will officially meet with you at this year's Beijing Auto Show. The starting price of the new car will be around 80,000 yuan. The brand-new Maitu has better modeling and interior design, and the overall design sense is excellent. I believe that if there is a good pricing in the future, then this brand-new Maitu will bring better sales for cheetahs.

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