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Sekelon ra2 Vehicle Weight (How about the quality of 2021 Sekelon ra2)

From the static evaluation of the last issue, it can be seen that Sekelon RA2 does have great advantages over its peers in product positioning, price positioning and product quality. So, what about the dynamic performance of such a "exquisite" RA2? The following small series continues to be interpreted for everyone.

Comfortable sitting posture

"Comfort" should be the most obvious character given to RA2 by design engineers. First of all, RA2 has a seat height of 715mm and a height of 165cm. It can touch the ground with both feet, even if a novice believes it, it can be easily controlled. RA2, which locates the cruise car, also emphasizes the driving comfort in the sitting position. The slightly higher handlebar is matched with the low seat height, and the pedal is designed in front, so as to bring the driving state of the cruise car, and the comfort is self-evident.

Here, it is important to say that RA2 has a sitting posture in the driving state of a cruise car, which does not mean a very strong concept of "lying" and opening. You can take a closer look through dynamic pictures. If you want a more typical sitting posture of a cruise car, the manufacturer also provides users with a version of the high handlebar.

The test drive is a low-handlebar version. This design is more to give consideration to the urban commuting performance of RA2 and find a comfortable sitting position between long-distance cruising and urban commuting for drivers. According to the actual experience, the RA2 with low seat height can ensure the driver's feet touch the ground at any time on the congested road, and the slightly higher handlebar design also ensures the flexibility of steering.

Strong power

Talking about the dynamic state of RA2, engineers have restrained the noise and vibration of the engine in place, which are all due to the technologies used in the brand-new PR250 engine, including silent timing chain, automatic compensation of valve clearance, staggered teeth biting, roller rocker arm and so on. As a cruise car, it is particularly important that RA2 can bring a comfortable long-distance driving experience with quiet engine running conditions.

The output adjustment of RA2 engine focuses on low-torque performance, and with a vehicle weight of only 149KG, the 3rd gear can easily cope with the start of driving on steep slopes in Chongqing. Under the condition of fast driving in the suburbs, the speed of 90Km/h has a certain margin for further acceleration. For a cruise car that takes into account long-distance and commuting, the power output can have such performance under the 250-level positioning, which is really worthy of praise.

Flexible control

In terms of handling, RA2 has a compact body design, concentrated center of gravity, and moderate handlebar height, so the overall driving experience is still very flexible. It is equipped with front-mounted, rear airbag preload adjustable double shock absorption, suitable soft and hard, obvious shock filtering effect, and can give better support to the car body on corners.

RA2' s CBS front-rear linkage braking system is worth mentioning. As a safety bonus, CBS braking system can effectively reduce the side slip caused by the mismatch between front and rear brakes. This design is very useful for beginners. And in the driving process, the driver can no longer hold the front brake handle all the time, so the comfort is improved, and the front and rear combined braking can be easily realized only by stepping on the rear brake in an emergency. According to the actual experience, the overall braking of RA2 is sensitive and linear, and sudden braking can also keep the car body stable.


After a few days of contact, Xiao Bian seems to have fallen in love with this RA2, which can both commute flexibly in the city and travel long and comfortably. For those who need to cross half the city to go to work, like to ride a bike and run mountains on weekends, and come back for a long trip from time to time, RA2 is indeed a good choice. The key is the price of 13,800 yuan, and the low maintenance cost of air-cooled single-cylinder engine. RA2 is really outstanding in cost performance, which is perfect for a young man like Xiaobian. Of course, all the actual experiences and feelings, Xiaobian just got from his own evaluation experience for many years. Motorists who like retro cruise cars can go to the local dealers to actually experience it. I believe that Seclon RA2 will not let you down.

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