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What is Tesla's sales volume in May (Tesla's sales volume in May)

China. com Auto May 11th The Federation of Riders recently released the wholesale sales data of manufacturers in April, showing that Tesla China delivered a total of 75,842 vehicles, a sharp increase of nearly 50 times year-on-year, surpassing Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, leading the domestic luxury brand delivery champion.

According to the statistics of the Federation of Passenger Cars, in April, the wholesale sales volume of passenger cars exceeded 20,000 vehicles, with the market performance of 49,059 vehicles, the Y-type ranked first in the vehicle market. Followed by BYD Qin 42,202 vehicles, BYD Yuan 39,160 vehicles, BYD Song 35,836 vehicles, BYD Dolphin 30,462 vehicles, model 3,26783 vehicles, LaVida 26,688 vehicles, Sylphy 24,975 vehicles and Ai 'an 21,065 yen vehicles. It is worth mentioning that among them, new energy ranks among the top 6 in the overall sales of passenger cars, with obvious advantages.

Interestingly, with such a strong market performance in April, Tesla has announced two price increases in China since May. On May 2nd, the price of all models of Tesla Model 3 and Y model was raised by 2000 yuan. On May 5th, Tesla China raised the price of all new models S and X to 19,000 yuan. Some netizens shouted: "You can't buy Tesla without certain (psychological) affordability."

Although consumers are confused about Tesla's operation, the Federation said: "The price increase of Tesla is a good signal, which reflects the concern of car companies about the quality of operation and is conducive to improving the wait-and-see mentality of consumption. Let consumers get out of the expectation of excessive price reduction and restore the normal buying rhythm. "

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