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How much is the Dodge srt Tomahawk (how much is the Dodge srt Tomahawk)

What's it like to drive on land at 650 km/h?

Recently, the SRT design team of Fiat Chrysler presented the "Tomahawk" series supercar scheme.

There are three versions in this series:

Tomahawk S, Tomahawk GTS River and Tomahawk X are all equipped with V10 engines, among which the top model Tomahawk X has a total power output of 2,690 HP and a top speed of 650 km/h.

Based on this, drivers need to wear special clothes and helmets to resist strong acceleration.

The design team said that this super sports car is a conceptual product, but this does not mean that people can't experience its power. It is reported that the Tomahawk series racing cars will be added to GT Racing 6 to help players create legends in the game.

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