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KIA k3 latest 2022 (KIA k3 new 2020 pictures and prices)

KIA of yueda wants to pick up the market in China, so it is imperative to upgrade the product strength of the car, and the compact sedan K3 is the one with high priority.

Kia Motors achieved good results in 2022. On January 3, 2023, Kia officially said that its global sales in 2022 were 2,903,619 vehicles, up 4.6% year-on-year, of which sales in overseas markets reached 2,362,551 vehicles, up 5.4% year-on-year. In the China market, KIA of yueda has been acting repeatedly in the past two years, introducing the heavy-duty model Jiahua and the fifth-generation Sportage-Lion Platinum Extension successively. However, in order to find the highlight in the China market, KIA still needs to continue to work on the mobile models, such as the compact car K3. From the product timeline, this generation K3, which landed in China for nearly four years, really needs a comprehensive upgrade.

The upgrade of K3 focused on the design. The roaring front face, the soul that Peter Hillel injected into Kia, still appeared in the front of the car, but the design style was highly in line with that of the Kia medium-sized car K5, and the low-lying movement became the main theme of the car.

The height of K3 new Tiger Roar net is obviously narrowed, and it is elongated, extending to both sides with slender branches, which are highly integrated with the headlight group. At the same time, the interior of the new Tiger Roar net is a honeycomb design with blackening treatment, and it has been greatly concave, which not only lowers the visual height of the front of the car, but also increases the three-dimensional sense and layering. The ladder-shaped lower air intake grille also further widens the vision of the car body and further reduces the visual center of gravity of the front of the car.

The new K3 LED daytime running light also adopts the same standard as K5, which extends to the vehicle side in a sharp straight line shape and is divided into two branches upward and downward at the rear. A new proportion of LED headlights is matched with the penetrating new tiger roaring net, and the hollow air ducts on both sides of the front bumper are designed, so the new K3 outlines a clear sports style. The new K3 has a length, width and height of 4666/1780/1450mm and a wheelbase of 2700 mm, which is only 6 mm longer than the old one. Under almost the same body proportion, the visual effect of the new K3 is the same as that of the old one as a whole, but there are also some details such as the bright black electric folding exterior rearview mirror and the bright black surrounding window line.

Compared with the 16-inch five-wheel wheels on the mid-range model we actually shot, the 17-inch turbine wheels on the high-range model will be more textured. In terms of vehicle color matching, the new K3 offers seven color matching schemes. In addition to the diamond navy, starlight yellow and transparent white we shot this time, there will also be Yuedong red, aurora black, interstellar gray and pearl white for users to choose from.

At the rear of the car, the upgrade of the new K3 is also very strong. The new car is equipped with the mainstream penetrating LED taillights, and correspondingly, the penetrating high-brightness black skirt is also adopted at the lower enclosure, which together with the taillights can increase the visual width and add texture with chrome-plated decorative strips. In addition, there is a diffuser-like design at the bottom of the rear of the car, which colors the young sports.

Sitting in the car, the new K3 still follows the interior design idea of Kia's generation. Through the familiar three steering wheels, driving information can be obtained on the 10.25-inch dashboard. The 10.25-inch central control screen improves the rare angle, enhances the sense of visual sophistication, and is equipped with a brand-new graphical user interface design and the latest Baidu intelligent interconnection system 3.0.

The shift control area has also been adjusted. The shift lever is a newly designed liquid crystal display visual shift lever, which can clearly display the current shift information. The key arrangement under the shift lever has also been simplified, and only the driving mode selection and automatic parking keys are reserved on both sides, which looks much brighter, but the piano paint bright surface material is easy to collect fingerprints. This trouble also appears in the air-conditioning control area, which means that it is the hardest hit area for fingerprint collection.

The new K3 also has a new interior color scheme. In addition to the common black tone, it also provides two exclusive interior colors, black gray and black red, for users who pursue individuality. Personally, I prefer the theme tone of black and gray in this real shot, and gray further highlights the strong permeability of K3 car.

There is still no need to worry about K3' s interior space performance. In addition to the good permeability under the black and gray color scheme, mature seat ergonomics is also a plus item. The backrest angle of the rear seat can ensure a comfortable sitting posture, and the three headrests can also provide good support. Although the rear of the front seat is wrapped in hard plastic, the ample legroom in the rear can make passengers ignore this.

The new K3 will still provide 1.4T+7DCT and 1.5L+IVT power combinations, in which the horsepower output of the 1.4T engine is increased from 130Ps to 140 lbs through optimization and adjustment. However, this is a static experience, so we can't feel the power upgrade of the new K3, but the K3 with an overall upgraded appearance should be on the market soon, and the drivers will also bring the test drive report as soon as possible.

The author of this article is Li Bingxue, a kicker.

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