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Dongfeng xiaokang scenery mini electric car 2022 candy cotton candy, below we will introduce you from the appearance, interior, power and other aspects.

In terms of appearance, the design of the 2022 candy cotton candy of Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery mini electric vehicle is simple and bright, and the smoked black grille on the front face with streamlined headlights makes the whole front look very fashionable. The body adopts the color scheme of candy cotton candy, which looks very cute. In terms of size, the length, width and height are 2995x1495x1640mm, and the wheelbase is 1960 mm. The car body is compact, which is very suitable for urban roads.

In terms of interior, the interior design of 2022 candy cotton candy of Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery mini electric vehicle is simple and fashionable, and the steering wheel is made of leather, which makes it feel comfortable. The LCD instrument panel is seven inches in size and displays clearly. The seat is made of high-grade fabric, and the comfort is good. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 843L, which can meet the needs of daily travel.

In terms of power, the 2022 candy cotton candy of Dongfeng Xiaokang Scenery Mini Electric Vehicle is equipped with a set of motors with a total power of 30kW and a total torque of 100N·m, which is matched with a set of lithium iron phosphate batteries with a battery capacity of 16.8 kWh and a charging time of 7.5 hours. The battery brand is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. The pure electric cruising range announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 220 kilometers, and the maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour, which is suitable for urban transportation. In terms of chassis, the driving mode of 2022 candy cotton candy of Dongfeng Xiaokang Fengguang Mini Electric Vehicle is rear drive, the front suspension is McPherson independent suspension, the rear suspension is integral bridge-type independent suspension, the steering type is electric power, and the body structure is load-bearing body. The charging interface is located behind the front logo.

At present, the official guide price of 2022 candy cotton candy for Dongfeng Xiaokang scenery mini electric vehicle starts from 49,600 yuan. What do you think of the reputation of this car mentioned in this article in the market? Welcome to discuss in the comments section.

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