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Is Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150s worth buying (is Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150s worth buying)?

Keyboard car chat: What's the difference between the newly listed QJ Chasing 150 and Benagli Little Xunlong in the 1950s?

I am a knight to share. Two days ago, QJ Motor released three new cars in one breath, among which one sports streetcar Chasing 150 attracted more attention, but at the same time, some friends also reported that it was the doll car of Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150s. Is this statement correct?

In this issue, we will talk about the car with a keyboard through the existing information and related data.

Xiaoxunlong 150

Chase 150

1. Appearance

Because these two cars are small-displacement sports streetcars, the overall style is basically the same, and they all tend to show dynamic elements.

But I personally feel that QJ Chasing 150 will be more harmonious, and its detailed design will obviously be more standard, which will make the whole vehicle more natural while emphasizing the sports attributes. Of course, this is also the performance after the evolution of the model. After all, Xiao Xunlong has been launched for some time.

2. Power.

These two cars are equipped with a single-cylinder inclined water-cooled four-valve EFI engine, and the outline of the engine is very similar, which is also the main reason why friends question that they are the same model.

However, according to the known data, the power values of these two engines are different, among which the actual displacement of Xiao Xunlong 150s is 149.8cc, the maximum power is 9.8KW, the maximum torque is 12.5N·m, the actual displacement of Chasing 150 is 150cc, the maximum power is 12.5KW, and the maximum torque is 13.5N·m, which shows that they are not the same.

In addition, one of the highlights of the powertrain of Xiao Xunlong 150s at the beginning of listing was the multi-spark plug ignition mode, but Zhui150 didn't mention anything, which shows that Zhui150 has comprehensively optimized this powertrain, or it is the high-power version of the former, but it is definitely not the same model.

3. Body aspect

These two cars are equipped with double-wing beam frame, iron rear rocker arm, front inverted shock absorber and rear central shock absorber, but some core data of the two models will be different. Simply speaking, the Chasing 150 is more compact and lightweight control is more in place. If the low-seat version is not considered, its center of gravity will be lower, but the fuel tank capacity of both cars is 10L.

However, under the same wheel hub diameter, the height of the Chasing 150 seat will be higher, reaching 790mm, while that of Xiao Xunlong is only 770 mm. Combined with some differences in the previous structure, it shows that Zhui150 is inclined to the control demand as much as possible, making it ride more like a streetcar.

4. Configuration

There are similarities and obvious differences between these two cars. The instrument and lighting are similar, and both of them use front inverted shock absorber and rear central shock absorber, and both of them have front and rear disc brakes, but the specifications of Chasing 150 will obviously be higher, because its rear brake disc will be larger (240mm), and it is also equipped with dual-channel ABS and double-throttle cable, which shows that the evolution of this car is quite thorough.

To sum up, as different brand models of Qianjiang, although these two cars are inextricably linked, the Chasing 150 is obviously not a simple doll car, and it has not changed its shell, so it will come lightly with a logo, but there have been some changes from the inside out that are more in line with the current market demand, so the relationship between them is more like the original version and the upgraded version. Of course, manufacturers prefer that we call Chasing 150 a brand-new model.

However, the value of this car is not worth considering or choosing. The suggestion shared by the Cavaliers is to test drive by yourself, because others will have certain personal emotions when they talk nonsense or talk nonsense. Only their own real test drive is our final selection criterion, so don't bother to try it.

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