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Apulia srmax250 riding experience (Apulia sr max250 evaluation video)

I am a freelancer and a motorcycle enthusiast. I am 27 years old and currently live in Chongqing. I liked motorcycles in 2016. At that time, I just started riding scooters. Later, when I became proficient, I found that scooters could no longer satisfy me, and then I changed gears. After riding for three years, I found that the big pedals seemed more comfortable, so I changed to SR Max250.

First of all, let's talk about why I bought it. The shape of SR Max250 is my first choice. It is highly original, looks sporty and very young, which meets my requirements.

I bought it mainly for commuting and playing on weekends, so the displacement of 250 ml is one of my first choices, and its size is not particularly large. It is also comfortable to ride in the city, and it is also suitable for jogging around the weekend, so this is one of the reasons why I bought it.

Another reason is economic reasons. The price of more than 20,000 SR Max250 is not expensive, and the pressure is not great for me.

Let's talk about power again. The power of SR Max250 is enough for me, and I can run at the speed of global positioning system (satellite) of 120km/h.. First of all, I don't pursue speed. Generally, the fastest speed is about 100 km/h, and I feel unsafe if it is faster, and the speed that SR Max250 can run to 120 km/h is completely beyond my scope of use.

If you speed up, it's not bad. It's easier to overtake a car in normal riding, as long as you are willing to give oil, it's still very easy. Of course, for a "Buddhist" player like me, as long as other cars are not "slow", I generally won't overtake, and in the case of overtaking, I will overtake quickly, which gives me a good feeling.

I think the handling of this car is a bright spot, because it gives me a very good feeling. It is no exaggeration to say that the handling of this car is the best among the domestic scooters I have ridden. The SR Max250 gives me a feeling of being sporty, which is also in line with its positioning as a big sheep. Of course, there are pros and cons. For sports cycling, this design will stimulate driving passion, but for long-distance motorcycle travel, this design is not particularly friendly, because the sports design of the seat cushion will make the ass slide forward during long-distance travel. Of course, each has its own advantages. After all, people who buy this car like its sports orientation more, such as me. But the long-distance motorcycle trip can also be realized by changing the seat cushion, which is still more humanized. Personally, I think this design is more balanced.

At present, this car has run more than 5,000 kilometers in my hands, and once ran a short distance of about 400 kilometers. The whole journey is a national highway, and the power performance of the SR Max250 basically meets my needs. When I meet a big truck, overtaking is faster, which gives me little overtaking time and brings me more security.

It is worth mentioning that the large windshield and leg air outlet of SR Max250, these two intimate designs can be said to be tailored for long-distance travel. Through this 400-kilometer short trip, I felt the benefits brought by these two intimate designs. First of all, this big windshield, which has a very large area and can meet my needs without modification at all, is multi-level adjustable, and can be adjusted freely according to the height of the user. The adjustment stroke is also long. At the highest stroke, the airflow can directly blow from the top of the helmet through diversion, which gives me good wind resistance protection during travel, avoiding the cold wind hitting my chest and neck, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent rain from hitting my chest in rainy days. I must give a big compliment to the designer of SR Max250 here.

The design of leg air outlet must be praised. The leg air outlet of SR Max250 is designed next to the engine, which can be closed. It is particularly friendly when riding in winter. It dissipates the heat of the engine to the legs well through the air outlet, forming a warm air and feeling of air conditioning. In this way, riding feet are relatively warm in winter. This design is really practical and easy to use.

I would also like to pay special tribute to the brand-new tires used in SR Max250, which have good grip. During the whole motorcycle journey, it brought me sufficient confidence, and there was no sign of slipping on the asphalt pavement that I often encountered. Especially on the return trip, it was raining heavily, and the asphalt pavement looked particularly slippery after being wet by the rain. I had to carefully reduce the speed to below 50km/h, and even controlled it to below 30km/h when cornering, fearing that someone would accidentally throw me out. As a result, it was no problem to see my friend pull the speed above 60km/h in front, so I also increased my courage to lift the speed and slowly inclined when cornering. There is no sign of slipping at all, which makes me sit up and take notice, so I think this is still very good, at least the safety of long-distance motorcycle travel has improved a lot.

At present, the SR Max250 has basically had no problems in the thousands of kilometers I have ridden, which gives me a feeling of peace of mind. After all, no one wants to buy a problem car.

At present, I haven't run a long distance on the SR Max250, but it should be no problem to see its performance for a long distance, and there are many after-sales outlets, so I don't have to worry about riding. I am very much looking forward to the days when I will travel with it in the future, and I also look forward to the future when it will bring me more happiness.

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