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Toyota lc100 4500 fuel consumption (Toyota lc100 4700 fuel consumption)

The history of Toyota Landing Craft will not be repeated, and it is still active in the most difficult places and is still a weapon for long-distance travel. This car photographed today is the last batch of FAW Toyota, 5AT, equipped with 2UZ-FE, dual oil single standby, AHC, SYK hook TEMS expensive hydraulic suspension system and so on. A few days later, the lc200 began to put into production, and I think this generation 100 retains 80% off-road capability, and the comfort and economy are greatly improved. It is the strongest representative. When the lc200 arrives, I don't know when the port will be revised and upgraded. Can you change the appearance? What is the real essence? It's really a rape aesthetic and moral integrity to add those fingers that can be stuffed in, and wrap them in highly toxic fake leather for a few days. It's a far cry from the flagship version on the brakes, so it's better to buy a boutique 100. Some guys have never driven a few cars and always say how durable 1fz-fe is, which is true, but the question is whether you will open the pot of 2uz or throw you halfway, or just from something else without any practical basis. What I admire most is that I can do everything by myself, instead of following others' advice, bragging and talking big, and starting to take pictures without saying much. The shooting equipment is 810+24-70F2.8. 。

Positive wheel 45 degrees

The front face, the post is added later.

It's very durable. The original picture is a little dim in color.

Sideways have waistlines, right?

The steel fire of the original trailer hook ten years ago can't be compared with the Taobao goods now

The taillights in the later period look better than those in the earlier period.

Mi Pangzi has a little more hands on the highway, 4500EFI.

Headlights are a bit backward now, and the effect is generally that FAW has retained a small blue light bulb.

Hydraulic pressure rises to the highest front axle 4 cm and then tilts back 5cm.

The dense buckles are very complete.

FAW with double fuel tanks cancelled the upper cover plate.

92 93 is fine. 95 97 will consume less fuel.

Is it complete? It looks comfortable.

The master of the original cover has memorized these by heart.


The original carpet is ten years old.

After changing lx steering wheel.


The small blue cursor is pleasing.

The screen resolution is average, but you can see your own brand clearly from any angle under strong light. Be practical.

The original alarm and strobe light switch was changed.

Tailgate original installation to screw

Isn't it handsome?

The refrigerator hasn't been used yet, and there is a 6cd disc box next to it.

Complete to screw

-The article comes from the old driver user: the dog egg made of iron.

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