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Chezhijia pickup truck automobile quotation daquan (Chezhijia pickup truck automobile quotation 2020)

[Original Truck House] Due to the continuous release of favorable policies and the changing consumption concept, the market potential of pickup trucks is gradually emerging, and the target user groups of pickup trucks are also expanding. In order to let everyone know more intuitively about domestic pickup products, we have combed and summarized the key models of common pickup brands on the market.

This series of articles will be presented in multiple periods. In the first period, we will start with the sales champion "professional household"-Great Wall pickup truck to see what is the secret of its perennial occupation of the top sales volume. At present, the models of Great Wall pickup trucks from entry to high-end are Fengjun 5, Fengjun 7 and Great Wall Gun series respectively. Let's introduce them one by one.

Fengjun 5 Classic Edition

The manufacturer's guide price is 68.8-69.8 million.

The positioning of Fengjun 5 Classic Edition is clear, and it is a tool-type pickup truck. Whether it is low price or simple face value, it can be seen that Fengjun 5 Classic Edition is playing its role seriously. It is precisely because of its persistence and concentration that the classic version of Fengjun 5, which is not fashionable, can stand firm in the market with strong hands.

Simplicity and simplicity are synonymous with the classic version of Fengjun 5, which is not difficult to see from the configuration. At present, Fengjun 5 Classic Edition is divided into two models according to the container length, both of which are equipped with a 2.2-liter gasoline engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. After all, practicality and affordability are the first demands of the classic version of Fengjun 5, and ABS+EBD and reversing radar, which are standard in the whole system, can be its plus points.

Fengjun 5 European Edition

The manufacturer's guide price is 7.58-11.28 million.

Fengjun 5 Europe Edition is undoubtedly the main selling model in Fengjun 5 family. Although it and Fengjun 5 Classic Edition are positioned as tool pickup trucks, Fengjun 5 Europe Edition has more advantages in body size and vehicle configuration, and the design of exterior interior is also more exquisite. Of course, the price of the European version of Fengjun 5 is higher than that of the classic version of Fengjun 5, and the configuration price of its main models is still concentrated within 100,000 yuan, and the cost performance remains good.

The European version of Fengjun 5 provides diesel and gasoline engines with 6-speed and 5-speed manual gearboxes. The two engines can enable Fengjun 5 Europe Edition to cope with richer usage scenarios, and users can also make targeted choices according to their own car demand and local environment and climate. If you want to enjoy a more technological interior, the high-profile model of Fengjun 5 European version also provides a central control and large screen configuration, and the multi-function steering wheel has become its standard.

Fengjun 7

Manufacturer's guide price: 8.68-13.88 million.

From Fengjun 7, we can see the development direction of mid-range domestic pickup trucks in the future, and increase the sense of quality of vehicles while retaining practicality. From the appearance and interior, Fengjun 7 strives to be in line with the passenger design. The target group of Fengjun 7 is those users who have practical demand for pickup trucks and higher demand for vehicle quality. Therefore, Fengjun 7 can grasp this part of the user group well by virtue of its own characteristics.

Fengjun 7 has a wide variety of models and rich configuration combinations, so users can find their own needs more accurately and form a customized car purchase effect. Fengjun 7 also provides the power option of gasoline+diesel engine, which can meet the needs of different users. It can be said that Fengjun 7 is a user-oriented pickup truck, and its mission is to let users achieve the most satisfactory car experience.

big gun

Manufacturer's guide price: 9.78-15.98 million.

The appearance of the Great Wall Gun officially opened the precedent for domestic pickup trucks to be classified according to their attributes. Great Wall Cannon is divided into three car series: passenger version, commercial version and off-road version. As the name implies, their main targets are users with commuting needs, users with functional needs and users with off-road needs. At present, both the commercial version and the passenger version have been listed, and the off-road version will be listed later.

The passenger version of the Great Wall Gun adopts the combination of gasoline engine and automatic gear, which is suitable for commuting driving. In order to cope with the more complex use environment, the commercial version of Great Wall Gun provides gasoline or diesel power, and can choose 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox. The main difference between the chassis of the two models comes from the rear suspension. The passenger version is a multi-link integral bridge type, and the commercial version is a leaf spring type. To sum up, the passenger version is more comfortable and the commercial version can be installed.


It is not without reason that the Great Wall pickup truck can maintain a high sales volume. First of all, its deep brand accumulation has won the trust and recognition of the majority of users. Secondly, the Great Wall pickup truck constantly innovates its products and plays a leading role in the industry. In terms of price, Great Wall pickup products almost cover the price range of 60,000-160,000 yuan, and the market positioning of the models is accurate, so it is reasonable to obtain high sales.

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