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Karry k50 used car market (Karry k50 used car price)

On January 27th, 2015, the Kerry K50 was officially launched. The new car was equipped with a 1.5L engine and seven models were launched.

The price range is 46.8-69.8 million yuan.

The car is positioned as a seven-seat wide-body MPV with a wheelbase of 2755mm, equipped with ABS+EBD anti-lock braking system, and the main and auxiliary seats have four-way adjustment functions.

Price of Kerry K50

car make and model


1.5 liter MT entrepreneurial type

Four point six eight

1.5 liter MT basic type

Four point eight eight

1.5 liter MT standard type

Five point three eight

1.5 liter MT comfort type

Five point seven eight

1.5-liter MT luxury model

Six point two eight

1.5 liter AT comfort type

Six point four eight

1.5-liter AT luxury model

Six point nine eight

● Appearance design

More orthodox

As a multi-purpose vehicle commercial vehicle of the Kerry brand, the appearance of the new Kerry K50 is quite satisfactory. The air intake grille is made of chrome-plated metal, which is integrated with the headlights, while the body is designed with a three-waisted line, which is matched with two lines on the hood of the front engine to give people an impact. The design of the tail of the new car is more orthodox, and even a diamond taillight is matched with chrome-plated decorative strips in the middle, which is slightly exquisite.

● Larger size and higher ground clearance.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4450/1760/1790mm, the wheelbase is 2755mm, the ground clearance is as high as 170 mm, and the maximum volume can reach 2900L. All models will be equipped with R15 205/60 tires as standard, with 20 approach angle and 23 departure angles.

● The interior design is quite satisfactory.

For the interior, the Karry K50 adopts a two-color combination of deep top and light bottom, adopts a three-position steering wheel with multi-function buttons, and the central control and steering wheel are decorated with chrome in many places, while the seats of high-profile models are wrapped in leather. The clothes hook installed on the armrest at the top of the back row and the small table board equipped in the back row of the co-pilot all reflect the style of the multi-purpose vehicle.

● Luxury models are more abundant in configuration.

In terms of configuration, the multi-function rearview mirror equipped with K50 has the functions of compass, altimeter and timetable. In addition, it is equipped with ABS+EBD anti-lock braking system, and the main and auxiliary seats have four-way adjustment functions. Luxury models are equipped with boneless wipers and silver luggage racks. The high-end version of K50 is also equipped with one-button start, CCS cruise control, and headlight delay lighting when coming home with me. At the same time, it is also equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, a 7-inch LCD screen with GPS navigator, and front/rear electric windows.

Equipped with Chery 1.5L ACTECO engine.

In terms of power, the Kairui K50 is equipped with a 1.5L ACTECO engine, with a maximum power of 80kW and a maximum torque of 140 nm. The fuel consumption under comprehensive working conditions is only 6.9L, which is matched with a five-speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission.

Competitiveness analysis

As a seven-seat wide-body commercial MPV of Kairui brand, the design of the new Kairui K50 is quite satisfactory. Relying on this positioning, it has no small advantage in the confrontation with competing products. At the same time, considering the complicated road driving, the clearance between the car body and the ground has been increased to 170 mm. 。

The main competitors of Karry K50 are Changan Ono and Wuling Hongguang S.

Comparison of appearance data between Kerry K50 and competing products;

Data (mm)Kairui K50Changan HonorWuling Hongguang slong

Four thousand four hundred and fifty

Four thousand three hundred and sixtyFour thousand four hundredwide

One thousand seven hundred and sixty

One thousand six hundred and eighty-fiveOne thousand six hundred and eightytallOne thousand seven hundred and ninetyOne thousand eight hundred and fiftyOne thousand seven hundred and seventywheelbase (of a vehicle)

Two thousand seven hundred and fifty-five

Two thousand seven hundred and fiftyTwo thousand seven hundred and twenty

Among domestic commercial multi-purpose vehicles, the competing models are Changan Ono and Wuling Hongguang S, but the Kerry K50 has obvious advantages in wheelbase, length and width, and its 1.5L ACTECO engine is also suitable for the needs of small enterprises and private users in terms of fuel economy and power.

Editor's comment:

Kairui, a brand that once specialized in mini-cars, is involved in the entry-level MPV below 80,000 yuan for the first time. We will wait and see whether the new Kairui K50 can open the threshold for this segment.

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