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How much is the standard landing of Benagli 502c (how much is the standard landing of Benagli 502c)?

The predecessor of the 502 Cruiser was the 402C which was unveiled at the Milan Motor Show last year. After a year, the power platform was upgraded to the existing more mature and reliable 502 Cruiser with 500ml displacement engine. It is also one of the new cars released this time, which has attracted a lot of attention, not only because it is a rare high-profile sports cruise car made in China at present, but also because Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group, rode 502 degrees Celsius to support the launch conference in Bali, Benagli, which caused a sensation.

502 cruiser standard edition price: 39,800 yuan!

502 Cruiser High Edition Price: 44,800 yuan!

The appearance of the 502 Cruiser is basically the same as that of the 402℃ which was unveiled in Milan last year. The curve of the vehicle is round and elegant, and it has a sense of high quality which is rare in the same class. The engine on the 502℃ is the same as that on Jin Peng and Young Lions at present. It is juxtaposed with two-cylinder and two-camshaft eight-valve engines with a displacement of 500 ml, and adopts Delphi EFI system with a compression ratio of 11.5:1. The maximum power is 35kW/8500rpm, and the maximum torque has not been announced yet, which should be similar to the previous 46n m.

At 502℃, the inverted adjustable front fork is adopted, and the damping stroke is 135 mm, and the rear preload is adjustable and the center is used for damping. ABS is standard on the front and rear, the front double-opposite four-piston calipers are equipped with 280mm semi-floating double discs, and the rear single-piston calipers are equipped with 240mm single discs. The rear wheel is 160/60 ZR17, and the front wheel is 120/70 ZR17. Pirelli tires are used. The front and rear damping brands of the high-profile version are KYB, and Brannbo calipers are used with a wheelbase of 1590 mm and a maximum ground clearance of 170 mm. The curb weight is 220kg, and a 21.5-liter large-capacity fuel tank provides long-distance battery life.

The 502 Cruiser will be listed in China in November. Please pay attention to our follow-up report on the test drive experience and more details. Please see the first and third push for the information of Sports 752 and TRK 251.

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