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Will Apulia rs660 be introduced into China (Apulia rs660 is introduced into China)

With excellent weight/power ratio, extraordinary off-road performance, excellent chassis performance on paved roads and first-class electronic equipment, Tuareg people have pushed the category of adventure motorcycles to a new height. apli Lia Tuareg people's 660 series models are listed in China today at a low-key price of 119, starting from 900 yuan.

The 660 platform marks the beginning of a new era for Aprilia. A new generation of knights prefer a relaxed and interesting motorcycle riding experience. Aprilia has created this lightweight and high-performance motorcycle with cutting-edge technology, and given it a unique and eye-catching design, which not only makes daily commuting interesting, but also creates fun for off-road riding. This model uses a medium-sized engine and incorporates a new concept of sports, which satisfies the yearning of young people who know how to ride. Following the popular 660 rupees and Tono 660, this model explains the true meaning of off-road motorcycles. It inherits the name of the legendary model launched by Aprilia in 1985, and its quality and performance need not be said.

Famous for its history, Tuareg people express a unique set of values: the guarantee of riding performance, vehicle performance and travel pleasure. As an excellent off-road motorcycle, Tuareg 660 also performs well on the highway, and can be fully competent even if it is a long-distance adventure.

Product style: a model of functional design

The design of Tuareg 660 comes from piaggio Group's fashion outpost PADC in Pasadena, California, USA. Here, you can get an accurate insight into the latest global trends before they are popular. The team of designers led by Miguel Galluzzi conceived a subversive and unique style-based on the principle of removing all parts without specific functions, thus controlling the size and overall weight of the vehicle. In the process of seeking a perfect balance between form and technology, it has created a unique style.

It draws inspiration from the technical equipment used in outdoor sports and adventure activities: with powerful components, the technical elements become its aesthetic source. In the same way, 660 people in apli Liatu Aleg convey the design concept of vehicles-meeting all kinds of needs anytime and anywhere, and paying great attention to functionality. In addition, Indigo Blue graphic design and brand logo pay tribute to the 1988 Tuareg 600 wind model.

The top fairing adopts a unique and innovative solution, which is composed of a single large area plexiglass. This transparent design can clearly show the elegant and exquisite supporting structure, which is made of special high-tech polymer rich in glass fiber and also supports the dashboard-this is one of the best examples of Tuareg 660' s elaborate construction. Due to the above design, the classic side panel does not appear under the seat of this model, but is replaced by two panels. The panel can be detached when installing the side box, which makes the side box more fit with the car body. The complete LED lighting system includes a brand-new compact headlamp group equipped with peripheral daytime running lights. Tuareg 660 introduced the concept of double fairings for the first time in this sub-product. As an aerodynamic accessory, it has been successfully applied to two models of 660 rupees and Tono 660. This further explains Aprilia's determination to develop increasingly complex aerodynamic solutions and make unremitting efforts to create excellent performance and excellent comfort experience.

Chassis structure: Aprilia pushes the category standard to a new height again.

The frame adopts a new structure, made of high-strength steel pipes and cast plates; The sub-frame and the frame are connected by welding, which is solid and firm, can bear the load up to 210 kg, and can carry the side box or a passenger to meet the load demand. The engine is connected with the frame through six anchor points, which ensures the firmness of the structure. Therefore, the engine does not need to bear the load, but only serves as a stress element. Compared with the road motorcycle, the engine position is also rotated backward by about 10. This enables the cylinder group to be set in a more vertical state, which reduces the yaw of the vehicle and improves the agility when turning sharply.

The design of the fuel tank is another example of the simple and bright style of Tuareg 660. Although the capacity of the fuel tank is as high as 18L, the slender design is adopted in the area where the rider's legs contact with it, and the frame is fully protected, so there is no need for any additional coverage. The vertical arrangement makes the fuel easy to gather near the center of gravity of the vehicle, without any influence on the driving power, volume change or the change of liquid level position in the fuel tank when driving on steep slopes and other sections.

Performance and security of APRC electronic suite

Aprilia Tuareg 660 is equipped with multi-spectrum electronic accelerator by wire, which can fine-tune the throttle at low engine speed and realize fine and gradual control. At the same time, it is equipped with a special APRC electronic control kit calibrated for performance and safety, which brings a safe and exciting road driving experience under the exclusive setting, and ensures the purest riding pleasure by off-road riding without filter.

The APRC suite developed exclusively for Tuareg 660 includes:

  • ATC:Aprilia traction control system, with four-speed adjustment and disabling functions, which can be used for fine-tuning and high-performance logic and operation.
  • ACC:Aprilia cruise control system can maintain the set speed without touching the throttle control, and it is easy to operate when riding.
  • AEB:Aprilia engine braking, an adjustable system for controlling engine braking when the throttle is closed, with three gears in total.
  • AEM:Aprilia engine atlas, which provides three different atlas to change engine characteristics and engine transmission mode. But it will not change the maximum output power.

In order to improve the riding experience and operation to the greatest extent, Aprilia has set four riding modes exclusively for Tuareg 660: the rider can automatically get the best settings of traction control, engine braking, ABS and all other management parameters by selecting the most suitable riding mode.

Among the four riding modes, two are dedicated to road riding, one is dedicated to off-road riding, and the other is highly customized:

  • City, suitable for daily riding, fully considering safety when adjusting;
  • ABS is active on both channels;
  • Exploration, suitable for casual road riding, carefully adjusted mode allows you to fully enjoy driving pleasure. ABS is active on both channels;
  • Off-road, special for off-road riding, with the lowest traction control and engine braking level. From the perspective of power transmission, this engine map is the easiest to manage. ABS on the rear brake has been disabled, and ABS on the front brake can be set to be disabled;
  • Personalization, which can realize the complete personalized setting of electronic control system.
  • The 5-inch color digital TFT instrument cluster can display various parameters and is equipped with a twilight sensor, which can adjust the brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions. Optional accessories also include a new generation of Aprilia MIA multimedia platform, which is connected with smart phones, further expanding the functions of the dashboard.

Characteristics and performance of Aprilia twin-cylinder engine

The advanced 660 dual-cylinder setting is the power base of the new Aprilia series, which is specially designed for a series of motorcycles that can meet various riding needs: versatility, excellent performance and light weight are all design goals. Thus, the forward two-cylinder engine becomes possible, which is the latest generation of highly compact engine, derived from the front cylinder block of 1100 cc V4, from which concepts and measured values are drawn. This configuration is famous for its compact size and light weight; Because the horizontal and lateral volumes have been reduced, this engine can adapt to different types of structures, thus giving designers great freedom, and they can flexibly arrange the basic functions such as air intake and exhaust, as well as the chassis structure.

The forward configuration improves the comfort of the knight by improving heat dissipation, and also facilitates the designer to use the space more freely. In addition, the vehicle creates a first-class cooling effect, and all models of Aprilia 660 adopt a unique double fairing system, which can accelerate the oncoming air flow. The design of long exhaust manifold is based on the same goal, and the transverse position is finally adopted, which is the ideal layout for quick maintenance.

The new Aprilia twin-cylinder engine inherits the development and design of RSV4 super engine, so it directly benefits from high efficiency test and top technology test: its cylinder head, combustion chamber, pipes, cylinders and pistons are all from V4 models. The inner diameter is 81 mm and the stroke is 63.9 mm. Following V4 technology ensures the first-class performance of the engine, especially the high piston stroke speed can be achieved under the condition of relatively small displacement. All parts of the engine, including castings and molds, are designed and developed for the 660 model.

Like 660 rupees and Tono 660, the wet multi-disc clutch with image stabilizer system has a mechanical auxiliary system, which can achieve very soft handlebar control without affecting vehicle performance.

This way can actually output more power than a larger capacity engine: when the speed is 9250 rpm, it can output the maximum power of 80 horsepower; The speed required to obtain the maximum torque of 70 nanometers is only 6500 revolutions per minute. The injection system consists of a pair of throttle bodies with a diameter of 48 mm and intake pipes with different lengths, which is convenient for optimizing the airflow distribution during high-speed and medium-speed driving.

Version and color

Aprilia took the lead in breaking the traditional color scheme of motorcycles for decades, and introduced fantastic cutting-edge colors as early as the 1990s. In order to pay tribute to this tradition and create a distinctive eye-catching appearance, Aprilia Tuareg 660 also adopts the color scheme of frosted gold. The color scheme has been successfully applied to standard English and Tuoono models, which can best highlight the innovative design of Tuareg 660.

Aprilia Tuareg 660 also offers a Mars red version, highlighting the main colors of black and red, and inheriting the tradition of Aprilia. The third set of painting scheme is indigo blue, which is the most iconic color scheme of this model and inspired by the color scheme of Tuareg 600 in 1988.

Indigo blue

Frosted gold

Mars red

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