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Tiguan l2022 price concessions (Tiguan l2022 price map)

Red Net News March 17th

On the evening of March 16th, SAIC Volkswagen announced that it would subsidize 3.7 billion yuan to follow up the "price reduction tide", with a limited-time discount of up to 50,000 yuan for bicycles.

This subsidy activity lasts from now until April 30, covering all models under the SAIC Volkswagen brand. Specifically, for its car models, Huiang offers 50,000 yuan, Passat 2023 offers 25,000 yuan, LaVida offers 25,000 yuan, Santana offers 20,000 yuan, New LaVida offers 15,000 yuan, Ling Du L offers 15,000 yuan and Polo Plus offers 15,000 yuan.

For sport utility vehicle models, there are 35,000 yuan discount for Tourang 2023, 35,000 yuan discount for brand-new Tourang X, 25,000 yuan discount for Tujia 2023, 25,000 yuan discount for Tiguan L2023, 25,000 yuan discount for Tiguan X 2023 and 25,000 yuan discount for Tuyue 2022.

The utility vehicle model Weiran 2023 can be discounted by 35,000 yuan and Touran L by 15,000 yuan.

In addition, for new energy vehicles, SAIC Volkswagen ID card. The family also joined the tide of price reduction. The 2023 internal diameter 6X and 2023 ID.4X are all discounted by 30,000 yuan, and the 2023 ID.3 is discounted by 20,000 yuan. Passat plug-in hybrid and Tiguan L plug-in hybrid can all enjoy 25,000 yuan.

In order to cooperate with this activity, SAIC Volkswagen has also introduced many policies, including insurance subsidies, replacement subsidies, 10,000 yuan gift packages and car owners' referral packages.

With the participation of SAIC Volkswagen, the "price reduction tide" in the auto market has intensified. According to incomplete statistics, at least 30 automobile brands have participated in this round of price war, including FAW-Volkswagen, BYD, Changan Automobile, Geely Automobile, Chery and other car companies have launched subsidized car purchase activities.

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