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9th Generation of Golf 2020 (9th Generation of Golf 2021)

Recently, overseas media exposed the mid-term road test of Volkswagen Golf, which may be the last change of internal combustion engine golf. It is difficult to find the difference in appearance, and the core change is in the interior.

The current 8th generation golf adopts a 10-inch central control panel. But the vehicle being tested has at least a display screen of about 15 inches. As the size of the central control panel increases, the user interface design is expected to change. Below the display screen are some common function keys of touch control. And then there's the electronic lever.

Although there is no public design information, the graphics of the front and rear lights will change slightly, and the wheel hub design will change. The 8th Generation Golf, which went on the market in 2019, will undergo a mid-term change next year. At that time, domestic models will follow up as soon as possible.

With the advent of new energy era, new energy vehicles have gradually replaced fuel vehicles as a trend, so internal combustion engine golf is also expected to disappear in history. According to the agreement reached by the European Union in June this year, only vehicles that do not emit carbon will be sold from 2035. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars can't be sold either. Therefore, Volkswagen has also put forward a "new car" strategy, that is, in 2030, it will stop selling diesel vehicles in Europe and only sell electric vehicles. This means that the brand transformation of electric vehicles will be prepared five years ahead of the standards set by the European Union to seize the market. After some golf models are changed and sold in 2027~2028, the time to launch the 9th generation model is very tight.

In fact, the electric car version of golf has been released. It is ID.3 .ID.3 that inherits the characteristics of golf. It can be seen that after the electric car version of golf 106. id. 3 was launched in Europe in 2020, it sold more than 120,000 sets in two years and was very popular. The total length of 106. id. 3 was 4,262 mm, the total height was 1,809 mm, the total height was 1,552 mm and the wheelbase was 2,765 m. Even for a small car body, the battery capacity can reach 82 kWh.

It can be predicted that the fuel version of golf will withdraw from the historical stage, but I think Volkswagen will gradually withdraw, such as withdrawing from the European market first. Then withdraw from other countries' markets. Golf is a very popular hatchback in China market. Have a very high popularity. Therefore, it is not excluded that Volkswagen will launch a special edition of golf in China market. To meet the needs of China users for hatchbacks.

At the same time, I believe that many golf fans also hope that the public can keep the name of golf and launch an electric version of golf in the future.

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