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Jiang Ge Scooter 150 Shortcomings (Jiang Ge Scooter 150 Quotation)

Previously, I sold the Spring Breeze 650TR-G, but I was really depressed because I didn't have a car. I wanted to buy a small pedal to try, but I was 192cm tall and there were very few 150 ml pedals suitable for me. At last, my friends who bought the Jiang Ge Studio felt that my brain was pumping. Why did you buy this car? Then why? I think there is only one reason: appearance! Jiang Ge has learned that he is psychologically prepared for problems such as shaking badly, high fuel consumption and old engine. Let's talk about this car in terms of the mileage I have got for 20 kilometers.

The process of car selection

I mentioned my height earlier, so I saw Dayang ADV150, Sanyang Cruise 150 and Eagle Patrol 125 when I chose a car. Finally, I chose a Jiang Ge tank landing craft cherry red. Let me talk about the tortuous experience of buying a car. On March 28th, I originally ordered the coastal white, but later, when the poster came out, I thought that this shit yellow was not the beige I wanted. Later, I contacted the buyer and changed it to cherry red. Because I didn't intend to change cars, I ordered a new car directly, and asked the seller to send me a stock car that left the factory on November 17, 2000 for the first time. After some rhetoric, the store said that it was good for the seller to help change cars, and finally I changed the cherry red that left the factory on March 31, 2011.

Let's talk about choosing a car again: Dayang ADV150 actually likes this car. There are two reasons for not deciding in the end. One is that the headlights are too ugly, and the other is that the cost performance is too low. Sanyang Cruise 150 is a good car, with 21 models upgraded with LCD instruments and keyless start, but it was eventually abandoned because of its appearance. Patrol Eagle 125 is sitting too hard, and it has long legs with nowhere to put it.

About Jiang Ge's vibration, fuel consumption, shock absorption, etc.

In this space, I will talk about all the shortcomings of this car. First of all, I will talk about the vibration. I have heard about the vibration in Jiang Ge for a long time. The first fire really didn't let me down. The mirror, handle and instrument shook together, mainly concentrated in the front part. I don't know if it will restrain the vibration if I bought the anti-fall armguard. It is estimated that it will be similar. Personally, I think there are two reasons for the great vibration here. First, the culprit is the engine of GY6, and second, the assembly of the whole vehicle in Jiang Ge is relatively tight, which has an impact on the vibration. However, Jiang Ge's jitter is limited to idle speed, and it is completely gone after starting. At present, the maximum is 60KM/h, and it is estimated that the jitter will not be small at 80 km/h.

Secondly, the fuel consumption indicates that the official fuel consumption is 3.0L Do you think this fuel consumption will be lower? Personally, I think the fuel consumption is basically around 3.5L If you are a little violent, it will be almost 3.8L But will you still care about this fuel consumption if you buy it all? There is nothing more to say about the power parameters of this engine, but at present, the 20KM ride down to Jiang Ge has got off to a good start, and there is no feeling of sloppiness.

Let's talk about shock absorption and braking. In Jiang Ge, the shock absorption is hard, and the speed bump is alive and kicking, but the shock absorption is hard and the seat is really comfortable. In one word: soft! However, the shock absorption has good support in the corner, and I specially pressed it several times along the flower bed of the unit. The shock absorption in the corner and the tracking performance of the whole vehicle are good. I have never ridden the old Jiang Ge. At present, the grip of the new tires in dry land is ok, but I have never tried it in wetlands. Generally, I don't ride a bike when it rains. On the whole, the brakes are a little hard, but the brakes are more linear, so it would be more comfortable if the feel could be a little softer.

22,800 yuan car, only equipped with a front wheel ABS, but also a single-line throttle. Give yourself a word: recognize the plant! Maybe it's a sign that cars don't sell well, and they always want to save some costs.

About workmanship, paint, boards, etc.

Jiang Ge was chosen because of its appearance, and the appearance was not disappointed. The color scheme of cherry red was younger and more energetic. Personally, the workmanship of the whole car is good, including some treatment of body details. The board splicing of the whole car is very good and the integrity is very strong, including paint water, which is also excellent in the joint venture pedal at the same level. Look at the details of the car body through the pictures. The design of the details can still reflect the elements of French style. The overall workmanship is the most commendable place in Jiang Ge.

The picture below shows the photo of the moving mirror, which can be clearly seen that there is basically no vibration. Therefore, when I am idling on the road, I choose to turn off the engine directly, which is regarded as the manual start-stop function.

If you are also considering buying pedals, if what you care about is not performance, then I think Jiang Ge is a good choice at this level. I believe that most riders who buy Jiang Ge are because of its appearance, which is also its characteristic. The use of pedals is different from that of a car. Going out of the street, buying a car, going for a ride, picking up a baby and parking a car have different functions and experiences, so it depends on how you define it. Later, the specific situation and riding experience of Jiang Ge will be updated in this post. That's all for today, for nothing!


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