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What kind of oil does Benagli 150i use (what kind of oil does Benagli 150 add)?

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First of all, thanks to the brothers in BK2, Shandong Province, for providing us with a small track to evaluate RFS 150i, which is really a useful place.

Later, what is more depressing is that I didn't bring a one-piece leather coat when I went out this time, so I had to dress up as a street knight to play the track for several hours. Borrowed knee pads to run the track and instantly returned to before liberation.

Closer to home, the previous test data proved that RFS 150i has a good motivation; But those data are just numerical values, and they are difficult to correlate with personal riding experience.

Therefore, the driving experience is more important and worth expounding.

Although in the measured data, RFS 150i has obvious acceleration advantage; But in the beginning, RFS 150i failed to surprise me. The truth is, I only gave half the opening of the first oil; Obviously, it doesn't like this kind of gentle swallowing.

According to the usual test habits, I will not experience the big throttle and low inclination too early; Because there is not enough foreplay, not only the car can't get high, but also the driver can't get into a better state. But this time, it seems to be an exception. RFS 150i doesn't need to warm the tire at all. It's more interesting to get straight to the theme.

So you see, after I turned the throttle a few more times, the matter of giving oil a start came to my mind. In the first gear, the car tends to start when the accelerator is given quickly, which seems to be "blending" the knight: "Don't linger, bite me ~"

Obviously, RFS 150i is a car that is easy to be bold. Because it is small enough, light enough and powerful enough; It is easy to do things that are out of line compared with traditional curved beams and even street cars. In Southeast Asia, it is better to say that this kind of performance curved beam is not surprising; But in China, it is really easy to teach bad friends.

Ok, let's put aside the idea of crime, and let's return to normal and see how RFS 150i feels when riding normally.

It is clear that the performance of RFS 150i is by no means a underbone that most people remember. Judging from the structure of the car body, it is no different from ordinary underbone. Even with inverted forks and central shock absorption, it cannot be separated from the attributes in underbone's bones. But from the riding experience, it is much faster and more powerful than the common underbone, and the sharp acceleration can easily make the speed soar.

In my opinion, suspension and braking, which are similar to the current popular straddle riding configuration, are not the main reasons. What really transformed it is the 150cc water-cooled EFI 4-valve 3 spark plug engine that should be used in sports street cars.

In terms of simple driving mode, it is no different from ordinary street cars. The existence of manual clutch and 6-speed transmission system makes it only have a curved beam shape without some curved beam soul. Disadvantages, without the convenience that underbone should have, it seems that it is no longer the general public; The good thing is that the curved beam can also "dress up as a pig and eat a tiger", just like the tonality when hyenas prey on larger animals, and the ferocity is full of superiority.

Perhaps RFS 150i is a contradiction, just as I have been unable to find a more suitable position to evaluate it during the test drive. On the one hand, I like the curved beam that can "run away" casually, especially in most cases, the psychological advantage of seeing who will destroy who will make riding RFS addictive; On the other hand, if you can't honestly commute and walk through the streets, is it still an approachable "national car"?

Measured from the perspective of commuting, it may get 85 points. Even if you don't kill others, the light clutch, clear shift and low vibration all show the inherent quality of this power platform; Tough suspension, although less soft, but not bumpy; The braking system is sensitive, which can ensure that the speeding speed can be controlled, especially the 220mm single disc and single caliper rear braking, which is very strong. Combined with the 110/70-17 rear wheel road tires, it can produce good braking force.

Well, its fuel tank capacity is only 4.8L, which is really not big enough. Although the traditional underbone usually has this specification, the RFS is equipped with a 150-displacement high-speed engine, and the fuel consumption is obviously higher than that of those 110-cylinder engines. Because of the limited conditions, we can't measure the actual fuel consumption, but with experience, it should be normal to enter the gas station within 200 kilometers; After all, this engine can achieve a fuel consumption of 2.4L per 100 kilometers, which is a good result.

After entering the track, RFS 150i is another scene.

Strictly speaking, the venue of this experience is a kart track, with many bends and large corners, so it is not easy for ordinary vehicles to give play to their advantages. However, in theory, RFS 150i should be more suitable for such a track, because its wheelbase is only 1325mm, and all settings are more in line with the conditions of the next track.

Of course, there is still a gap between ideal and reality. Its 70/90-17 front wheel is far from the real movement. The upper part of the picture below is the sports front wheel that appeared when Malaysia released the exhibition, and the lower part is the domestic cash durable front wheel, which is obviously different.

The disadvantage of this front wheel is that the direction of entering the corner is not clear enough, and the lateral grip is lacking, which affects the performance when cornering; Fortunately, the grip and tread setting of the sports rear wheel are not bad, which makes up for some shortcomings of the front wheel in corners. At least, you can run and press a good angle, although there are still many gaps from your imagination.

The second thing to complain about is its seat cushion setting. In order to better meet the needs of daily driving, designers take care of the rider's hip feelings too much, but I always can't find a proper and suitable position for track driving.

It's strange to slip and bend on the cushion; Moreover, compared with the lower handle position, this seat height is not so harmonious.

The third complaint is that its pedal position is not high enough and backward, and it has not been pressed much, so it has rubbed against the road.

When the complaint is over, all that remains is the fun of driving on the track. There is nothing to say about this. Those who have played the track will naturally understand.

Fun, interesting, and all kinds of gameplay and experiences that can surpass commuter vehicles are provided to users by RFS 150i. In addition, it still has a lot of room for modification, such as changing tires, raising pedals, changing exhaust and ignition, etc. Many improvements can make it more sporty, which is also an important pleasure to use it as a pure toy.

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