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Suzuki dl250 modified 300 power (Suzuki dl250 lifting power modified)

Upgraded model: BMW 325ib48 2.0t.

Modification project: upgrade the power of European Currency Unit.

Original vehicle data: 135 kW, 184 HP and 300 nm.

Adjustment data: 184 kW, 250 HP and 380 nm.

20 BMW 325i, is it worthwhile to brush the program for it? 325i is the potential "star" in BBA. It is a bit unreasonable that the original power is limited to less than 200 horsepower. The original 330 high-power engine of the same level has 258 horsepower, and there is still room for improvement. The owner's purpose is simple: to improve power and horsepower and make the car more comfortable to drive.

In terms of BMW 325i power, the new car is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with code B48B20D 2.0T, with a maximum horsepower of 184 horsepower and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The transmission system matches the ZF 8AT gearbox with an acceleration time of 8.1 seconds at 0-100 km/h..

It is necessary to remove the ECU computer board, as long as the wiring does not need to be opened. The engineer skillfully removed it. The car is upgraded by bench and bench wiring, and the protocol is Bosch MG1CS201.

1. Vehicle detection, reading the original vehicle fault code.

2. Read the original file

3. Back up the original factory data records

4. Make the adjustment scheme and write the chip adjustment program.

5. Write the adjusted program.

6. Vehicle inspection after data upgrade.

7. Test drive and record data for final inspection.

8. Qualified delivery

After the upgrade, the throttle is more active, the power output in the low-speed range is smooth and there is no sense of procrastination, and the whole speed-up process is completed in one go. This kind of 325i power performance can be called "strong and pure"!

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