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Great Wall Tantok 900g off-road picture and price (Great Wall Tantok 600 off-road price)

Yes, the Great Wall made a big splash at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The tank matrix landed. In addition to the tank 300 that has been so popular that it stopped taking orders, the tank 700 and the tank 800 built by technology also landed at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Judging from the heat of the market, the tank 800 with higher positioning has attracted much attention. In addition to this huge body size, there is also the fascinating shape design.

Technically speaking, Tank 800 will be the first batch of technical products, equipped with the 3.0T+9AT power system first developed by Great Wall. This power system will provide a better power foundation for Tank 800. At the same time, as the largest hard-core off-road vehicle on the tank platform, in terms of hardware design, Tank 800 is also likely to have a "three locks" hard-core design.

More technical configurations were not disclosed at the first time. At present, it is analyzed that this flagship hard-core off-road vehicle may be equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner, and the ability to get out of trouble can be improved through Eaton's front and rear electric locks.

Of course, judging from the overall expressive force of the current initial exposure, the best combat area of Tank 800 is still the city.


Interior materials with a better touch and richer electrification equipment, although it is a brave general, the city is its main battlefield. At present, it can be inferred that Tank 800 is likely to have excellent mute system, excellent suspension support, and rich technology and driver assistance systems.

Just like Mercedes-Benz G, its strong off-road performance does not mean that the desert is its main battlefield, but the noise of the city is its best place to live.

At present, the specific size has not been exposed, but it is visible to the naked eye that this must be a full-size SUV.


As for the price, it is not difficult to speculate that at present, the tank 300 sells to 200,000, and the tank 700 should be positioned at 300,000 because of its larger size and better performance. As a full-size hard-core off-road vehicle, the overall length of the tank 800, which is larger than the tank 700, will inevitably exceed 5 meters, and the 3.0T power system and the 9AT and 9HAT gearboxes with higher technical content will mean that the car will probably start at 400,000.

The gap between the optional and high-and low-profile models will make the high-profile models sell for 500,000.

Is this price expensive?

From the perspective of China brand passenger cars, it is not low, but from the perspective of full-size hard-core off-road vehicles, it is not high. Today, Prado 2700 has been sold to 550,000, and lexus LX570 has been madly fired to 3 million. The full-size, 3.0T and extremely luxurious China off-road vehicles are sold to 400,000-500,000, which is not really high.


Considering the joint venture and imported models with the same price horizontally, the strength of the tank 800 must be the best.

As a latecomer model, because the brand culture is not strong enough to confront Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and other models, the tank model still chooses the operation idea of "attracting people's attention with products". At least from this budget interval, there is no better model than it.

The idea of market operation is that there is no conscience model in the hard-core off-road vehicle market in China at present.

The market that foreign brands stick to is bound to show off their premium ability. The 2.7L Prado sold for 380,000 in that year and 550,000 today. The price increase can easily buy a Passat. The madness behind it is intriguing. Isn't it bullying the off-road vehicle market in China without competitors?


Land patrol has soared from 491,000 roads in those years to 1 million today. Isn't it an extra and more choice to double the price directly?

No matter whether it's Tank 300, Tank 700 or Tank 800, the challenge is all foreign brands. Admittedly, there is no strength for confrontation today, but having products is the first step of resistance. The second step is to build the reputation made in China through these hard-core off-road vehicles and cultivate the cross-country cultural label of China.

This also means that the tank 800 comes out today, which is the beginning of the price decline of foreign brands. Competitors will eventually lower the price of foreign brands.

Curitan, do a good job.

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