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Yamaha xmax250 domestic price (Yamaha xmax250 price)

In the middle and large rows of immortals fight, small displacement imps punch, the first domestic V4 cruise is launched, and the domestic industry is officially recalled to set a precedent. The motorcycle industry is progressing and the market is booming. Let's take a look at what major events happened in the industry in April that deserve our attention.

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1. 22,800 yuan, Peugeot released "Good (Hello) Color" in Jiang Ge in 2023.

On April 1st, Peugeot Guanwei officially released the "Good (Hello) Color" version of Jiang Ge in 2023, which has two overbearing, free and easy and energetic colors, Tianhe Blue and Flamingo Red, with a price of 22,800 yuan.

In fact, at present, the motorcycle industry is very rich in color matching, whether it is a scooter or a straddle bike, but it is very difficult to have both fashionable colors and temperament.

Peugeot put forward the concept of "good (H ? O) color" in 2020, and successively introduced eye-catching theme colors such as dream powder, spruce green and lemon yellow. The Tianhe Blue and Flamingo Red introduced this time can almost make you add all the beautiful adjectives to TA. Romance, literature, temperament, classicism ... This is synonymous with temperament!

Second, 8380 yuan, Yamaha Qiaoge i PLUS was officially released.

On April 2, Yamaha's brand-new Qiaoge i Plus was officially released, with a price of 8380 yuan.

The appearance has not changed much, and the design continues the young and fashionable style. In the configuration part, except for the upgraded LED headlights and LCD instruments with ECO display, the other configuration parts of the whole vehicle almost continue the old version.

Qiaoge entered the domestic market in 2003, upgraded the power platform of "Innovative Nuclear Technology" in 2016, and now it is renewed and upgraded. This time, with the bold and novel young color matching, plus the economic fuel consumption brought by the "blue core" and the price close to the people, I believe that Qiaoge i Plus will gain a wave of praise!

3. For 350 streetcars within 20,000, Lifan launched the 30th anniversary of KP350 30

On April 6th, Lifan officially launched the 30th anniversary of KP350 30 Guanwei, with a price of 19,999 yuan.

In terms of power, the commemorative model is still equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 349cc, with a maximum output of 21Kw/8500rpm and a maximum torque of 28.5N.m/5500rpm, with sliding clutch as standard.

There is no change in appearance and design, the color matching part is mainly black, and the red frame increases the sense of movement of the whole car.

KP350 was unveiled in January 2019, officially released and listed in April, and the price was between 24,780-25,980 yuan. Now that the price is adjusted to less than 20,000, the displacement of 350cc and good configuration, such a two-cylinder streetcar must be the first choice for commuting!

Four, Jincheng Wukong 110 automatic clutch cycle file listed.

On April 8, Jincheng Guanwei released a new version of Wukong 110-automatic clutch cycle file. In addition to shifting gears, you don't need to use the clutch handle. Step forward to shift gears and step backward to shift gears. In addition, starting without semi-linkage. You can stop temporarily when you are not in neutral, without worrying about flameout. Don't be too friendly for beginners!

In terms of power, Wukong 110 is equipped with a 110cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, with a maximum power of 5kW at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.5N.m at 5500 rpm, and the maximum speed can reach 80 km/h. In terms of design, between Fiona Fang and China, elements of retro classics and modern fashion are integrated, showing exquisiteness everywhere.

Wukong 110 was officially released in December, 2022, and became an advanced model after Golden Boy with larger displacement, more exquisite and retro appearance and cost-effective price within 10,000 yuan. The appearance of this automatic clutch cycle gear makes it a better mini car, and its audience and application scope are more extensive.

Five, ten thousand yuan of mini car, silver steel honey badger 150 release.

On April 9th, Yingang officially released its brand-new mini model Honey Badger 150, with a price of 9980 yuan.

From the design point of view, the shape of honey badger is quite different from the previous mini car. On the whole, it draws lessons from the image of a monkey, which is small, cute and funny.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 149 ml, with a maximum power of 7.8 kW /7500 and a maximum torque of 11.5 Nm /5500. It can be seen that this is a powerful little cute.

Speaking of mini-cars, Yingang is an early brand among domestic brands. The honey badger launched this time has made a greater breakthrough in vision, and also added great energy to this small mini-car in terms of power, and it can also sneak away thieves who play stunts.

Honey Badger: Although I'm young, it won't delay my outbursts!

Sixth, the price of Ness, Chaite Roadwalker Shake316 released!

On April 8th, Shake316, the Chaite Roadwalker, was officially released, with a price of 23,800 yuan.

There will be retro style on the cruising body. The overall design of Shake316 draws lessons from Harley's fat bully style, the classic style of American cruising, and the unique frame design, which makes the whole car more novel.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 316ml V-type water-cooled twin-cylinder engine independently developed by Chaite, with a maximum power of 23.2/8,500kW/min and a maximum torque of 27.3 Nm/min. It comes standard with dual-channel ABS, LCD instrument, dual exhaust, belt drive and LED light source for the whole vehicle.

Chaite 100. shake 316, which has always taken the minority route and is very personalized, is still persistent in retro, but now it seems that the road has begun to widen!

Seven, 8680 yuan, Zongshen wild rice was officially released.

On April 10th, Zongshen Vintage Bend liangye Rice was officially released, with the pre-sale price starting from 8680 yuan.

Needless to say, the shape of cub style, but wild rice into the practical design, abandoned the two-seat, back seat into shelves, bearing capacity has improved a lot.

In terms of power, Nomi is equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled horizontal engine with Zongshen's actual displacement of 120ml, with a maximum power of 6.5kW/7500rpm and a maximum torque of 9N m/5500rpm, and equipped with an automatic clutch.

Since it is a reference, it is inevitable to compete with the deity in the market. The price of wild rice is 8680 yuan, while the price of cubs in China is 13000 yuan, with a price difference of more than 4000 yuan. I wonder who will win this contest?

Eight, domestic limited to 50 sets, Augusta RUSH 1000 limited sale.

On April 10th, Augusta released the new RUSH 1000 in Beijing, with a starting price of 508,880 yuan.

RUSH 1000 is equipped with an inline four-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 998cc, which can output 208 horsepower at 13,000 rpm.

Known as the maker of motorcycle art, Augusta's motorcycle can be described impeccably in appearance. The design and color matching of the new RUSH 1000 are integrated with the elements of military fighters, and the positions of air inlets and vents are also designed near the turbine like fighters.

RUSH 1000 first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2020, crossed the concept car stage and was released directly in less than a year. The new model of 2023 is limited to 300 vehicles worldwide, and there are only 50 places in China. As an upgraded sports car with over 200 horsepower, no, it should be said that it is a work of art. RUSH 1000 is really fascinating. The price is also quite fascinating.

Nine, starting from 12980 yuan, Jiming European retro pedal Vasilica 150i was released.

On April 11th, Ji Ming released the European retro pedal Vasilica 150i, with a solid color version of 12,980 yuan and a collision color version of 13,280 yuan.

In terms of shape design, it incorporates European classic elements, adopts soft lines and retro elements, and has a strong sense of design.

In terms of power, Vasilica 150i is equipped with a 150cc water-cooled engine, with a maximum power of 11kW and a peak torque of 14 N m. It is equipped with pulse ignition system and automatic start-stop technology.

Vasilica 150i actually appeared at the Mobo Fair at the end of 2022, and finally went to the market after more than five months of precipitation. Ji Ming's product layout ranges from small and medium-sized three-wheeled vehicles to medium and large-sized streetcars, retro cruises, and then to scooters. We can see that the market is rolling, and each brand can only continuously update its products to adapt to the current popular market trend and win more possibilities.

Ten, 143010 yuan, Honda 2023 CM1100 thin ink ash listed.

On April 11th, Honda officially released the 2023 CM1100 new color matching thin ink grey in Guanwei, with MT and DCT versions, and the prices were 143,010 yuan and 152,910 yuan respectively.

The power part is equipped with a non-dual-platform engine, with a maximum power of 59kW/7000rpm and a maximum torque of 94 Nm/4750 rpm.

The shape design has not been changed, only the new color scheme has been updated. The new color scheme is more low-key and calm, and the texture between squares is prominent.

So far, Honda's update this year is not too big, and it is a routine rejuvenation!

In November and April, the work letter exploded a bunch of new cars, some while the iron was hot, some classics reappeared, and others. ...

On April 12th, the latest batch of work letter catalogue was published, and there are a lot of new cars waiting for us to explore.

1) KTM 790 ADV appeared, and the appearance design of the new car is more obvious than that of the old one. At the same time, there is also the R version that has not yet been released overseas. Maybe China is the world premiere?

2) The sibling version of the Spring Breeze XO Baboon just released at the end of February has also come out. Although the overall appearance shows that their relationship is very deep, the climbing style is compared with the published version, and the climbing elements add a lot of sports playfulness to this mini.

3) Lifan also showed off a V-cylinder cruise this time, and chose a round and soft line design to distinguish it from the general American cruise. The car is equipped with a V-type twin-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 573cc, with a maximum power of 43kW. Small-displacement vehicles can't be less, and large-displacement vehicles must also be available!

4) In addition to the above-mentioned cars, there are also five models of passenger cars in this announcement, which are owned by Jialing, Xinyuan, Yingang, Jianshe and Jincheng.

1) Jialing JH600B-2, also known as "Big Rooster", was once the largest displacement sidecar in China, a pioneer of sidecar in China, and also a military product. Now its appearance remains almost unchanged.

2) Xinyuan XY500B-C is almost consistent with Freewind in appearance design. The power part adopts a brand-new 500-class two-cylinder engine, which has a greater power improvement and less vibration than the previous single-cylinder engine.

3) Yingang "Whale" was unveiled at the 2022 Mobo Fair, equipped with an engine with an actual displacement of 149cc, with a maximum power output of 7.8kw and a maximum speed of 70 km/h. How many people can withstand the temptation of "whale" with the classic retro and round shape and the playful pink overweight?

4) The JS125B is a scooter with an actual displacement of 125cc. If you don't look at the sidearm, this scooter is one of the many retro fashion pedal waves, but with the sidearm, it immediately becomes unique and romantic.

5) Jincheng JC70B-9 is a mini-handbag with side straps on the golden boy. The power part is consistent with the golden boy. In appearance, a pure white side bucket with windshield is added to the right side of Golden Boy. The cute mini shape and fresh color scheme make the whole car explode! It's better to keep a pet than a golden boy!

Let's not talk about the small ones, just roll them up!

XII. Wuyang-Honda LEAD125 was publicly recalled.

"Wuyang-Honda LEAD125 was publicly recalled" was a big melon in the industry in April. LEAD125, as a high-end pedal owned by Wuyang-Honda, has no choice in terms of configuration and performance, and the reason for this recall is that "the front brake is stuck due to poor manufacturing technology, which may cause the front wheel of the vehicle to rotate unsmoothly, which may lead to the front wheel being stuck or decelerated in severe cases, thus causing safety problems".

The recall of Wuyang-Honda, on the one hand, is the first time in the industry in recent decades, on the other hand, it shows its strong service network and economic strength, and most importantly, it is also a landmark event for the benign development of the industry.

Thirteen, several new cars were released, and Xiang Shuai attacked again.

On April 17, Xiang Shuai's spring new product launch conference was officially held, and a total of four new cars and multiple versions were released. The conference began to warm up in early February, and after more than two months, I finally saw the true face of Lushan Mountain.

Cangyun 300 series has launched three versions: S, Plus and MAX, and the prices are 17,980 yuan, 19,980 yuan and 21,980 yuan respectively.

Cangyun 300 people are equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with a displacement of 248 ml, with a maximum power of 18.4 kW/8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 23.4 Nm/6,500 rpm, with a sliding clutch as standard.

In terms of design, it is similar to Honda CM300, but it looks younger by adding graffiti to the painting part.

The plus and maximum versions of the engine have larger displacement, the actual displacement is 298cc, the maximum power is 21.5 kW /8500 rpm, and the maximum torque is 27.8 Nm /7500 rpm. The sliding clutch is also standard. In addition, the Max (male name equals Maximilian) version is different from the plus version in that it adopts belt drive.

Like Cangyun 300, Cangyun 500 has three versions, S, Plus and MAX, and the prices are 28,800 yuan, 29,800 yuan and 30,800 yuan respectively.

Give the first impression-a "youngest" cruise. Although the float element of this car is rich, the color matching has changed from old and calm. The unique contrast painting will definitely make the riding mood young and happy.

The S and Plus versions are equipped with a Loncin KE500 twin-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 35kw/8500rpm and a maximum torque of 43 nm/7,000rpm, while the Max version is equipped with a Loncin KE525 engine with an actual displacement of 494cc, with a maximum power of 41.9KW/9,000rpm and a maximum torque of 50.5Nm/700rpm.

The price of Tough Guy 800 is 43,800 yuan. As Xiang Shuai's heavy machine with the largest displacement at this conference, the gas field of Tough Guy 800 is undoubtedly the strongest, and the overall design shows the style of American floats to the fullest.

In the power part, the Tough Guy 800 is equipped with a V-type double-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 800 ml. The maximum power is 45kW/7000rpm and the maximum torque is 72 Nm /5500 rpm. Sliding clutch and belt drive are also standard.

The face value is good, the power configuration is excellent, and the price is close to the people. Generally speaking, it is "very fragrant".

Xiang Shuai, who has been focusing on the cruise market, also launched a sports pedal Aurora 400 tons at a price of 26,800 yuan.

The design is angular and the color scheme is very young. The whole car has a rich sense of layering and sports.

In terms of power, Hongjiateng is equipped with an imported water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 347 ml, with a maximum power of 22.6 kW/6,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 33.1 Nm/5,500 rpm. At the same time, it also comes standard with keyless start and dual-channel anti-lock braking device.

Xiang Shuai's press conference and products are younger and more personalized than before. The appearance of a brand-new product type, Aurora 400T, also shows that Xiang Shuai's future product types will be more abundant.

Fourteen, the price is 12,980 yuan, and the Tianying TS150 TCS version is released.

On April 17th, Tianying Guanwei officially released the version of Tianying TS150 TCS, with a price of 12,980 yuan.

There is no change in appearance from the version currently on sale. In the power part, the TCS version is equipped with a 150cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine, with a maximum power of 10.5KW and a maximum torque of 14N.m, which is matched with CVT infinitely variable speed.

After some time ago, the price of TCS version was adjusted, and the price of TCS version was higher than that of Bits version in 300 yuan. From this configuration of 150cc pedal, the price performance ratio is very high!

Fifteen, 800NK high-end version listed! Sell for 48580 yuan

Less than two months later, the 800NK listed at the end of February this year ushered in a high-end version, with a price of 48,580 yuan, which is between the standard version and Xiling+.

The appearance of this version, on the one hand, is the acceptance of the large instrument of Xiling+version by many motorcycle friends, on the other hand, it also has the production capacity of Xiling+version. Therefore, the difference between the high-end version and the Xiling+version is that the large screen and the induction key are cancelled, and the configurations such as fast row and titanium ruler are retained.

The addition of the high-end version makes it a great choice for riders who like 800NK, both in terms of configuration and price!

Sixteen, Shanghai auto show, many brands of new cars unveiled.

On April 18th, the Shanghai Auto Show opened. Although several major auto brands were once hot-searched, Xiao Bian paid more attention to motorcycles. Let's take a look at the new products unveiled and released at the Shanghai Auto Show:

1) 44,388 yuan, the Harley X500 was officially released.

After more than a month, the popularity of X350 has not gone down, and the Harley X500 has been officially released, with a price of 44,388 yuan.

It looks rounder than X350 in appearance, and has a strong blood relationship with the cubs in appearance. From the power point of view, X500 is widely used in engines, tires, shock absorbers, brakes and exhaust pipes.

And so on are consistent with the cubs 500, so it seems that they are more like fraternal twin brothers.

In addition to the X500, Harley also released the customized version of the 120th Anniversary Avenue Gliding at the Shanghai Auto Show, with a price of 428,800 yuan and a global limited edition of 1,600 sets, showing a high-end customized taste between square inches.

High-end products are still high-end, no matter how cheap Harley is, it won't make the noble blood fall in price.

2) The version of Monster SP in Ducati was released, and the joint version of Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini appeared.

At the auto show, Ducati released the version of Monster SP, with a price of 151,000 yuan. The power part and electronic control are consistent with the standard version, but the SP version adds a two-way quick-release system, rainy riding mode and ejection start function.

In addition, there are also upgrades in the hardware part. Adopt a complete set of Ohlins shock absorption system, Brembo's Stylema radial four-piston calipers, Diablo Rosso IV tires with higher performance, and lighter lithium-ion batteries, and these hardware have been reduced in weight.

In addition to the Monster SP version, the most attractive scene is the Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini co-branded version.

In fact, this car was released as early as 2022, and the price is equivalent to nearly 600,000 yuan. In terms of design and color matching, the car uses many elements of Lamborghini Huracán STO sports car, which is cool and needless to say.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a V-type four-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 1103cc, with Ducati MOTOGP dual-pulse electric fire and dry dual-clutch technology, with a maximum horsepower of 208 horsepower.

But then again, the performance of such products is never the most important, as long as it is honorable enough!

3) Honda's brand-new Golden Wing released its price, and CB750 Hornet and XL750 Transalp appeared.

Honda's brand-new Golden Wing was released at the auto show, with a price of 380,000 yuan.

The appearance of the new Golden Wing has not changed. In terms of power, it is equipped with a horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine with 1833cc and a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox as standard.

Although the price is cheaper than other versions on sale, the biggest difference of this car is to cancel the airbag equipment. It is also reasonable to reduce the allocation and price.

In addition to Jinyi, Honda CB750 Hornet and XL750 Transalp also appeared at the auto show.

CB750 Hornet adopts sharper line design, which is considered as "subversion" compared with the old design, and the sports atmosphere of the whole vehicle is more intense.

In terms of power, it is equipped with Honda's newly developed 270 crankshaft twin-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 755cc, with a maximum horsepower of 91 horsepower and a maximum torque of 75 Nm, and comes standard with ABS. Of course, in addition to these, CB750 Hornet is also equipped with electronic control systems such as traction control, engine braking and various driving modes.

XL750 Transalp adopts the same platform engine as CB750 Hornet, and the power data is consistent. In the design, the whole is more capable, and the tension atmosphere is full.

Although neither car has announced the price, it is only a matter of time before the secret of the price is revealed according to the signal sent by the appearance at this auto show.

4) BMW M1000R debut

As a top sports streetcar, M1000R is eye-catching in appearance. Advanced color matching, aggressive body design, a lot of carbon fiber decoration, irregular hexagonal rearview mirrors and fixed wings on both sides, these subtle details can be worthy of the top title.

In terms of power, the M1000R is equipped with an inline four-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 1001cc, with a peak power of 154Kw and a maximum torque of 113N.m.

The electric control must also be full, and ABS, traction control system, keyless start, cruise control and two-way electronic express train are not absent.

As the top sports streetcar, BMW M1000R has received great attention. However, the high-end configuration must also have a high-end price. Lift a small bench and wait.

Seventeen, Wuyang Honda CB190SS, CB190X update.

On the evening of April 18th, Wuyang Honda official micro CB190SS and CB190X were officially launched, and the price was the same as the version on sale.

The main update of the 2 cars is the rejuvenation of color matching. CB190SS adds milk coffee white and bright moon gray color matching, and CB190X adds three new color matching, including digital silver, lava red and obsidian night black. Among them, the appearance of CB190SS is slightly different, including the newly designed offset retro instrument, LED lighting system headlights and brand-new ring turn signal.

Brand-new visual experience, more exquisite detail design, and high cost performance, let's feel the charm of details and go to a brand-new ride.

Eighteen, 16,800 yuan, many new 125 youth editions of Guangyang were released.

On April 19th, Guangyang released many new 125 youth editions, and the price of new cars remained unchanged with the previous editions, or 16,800 yuan.

In terms of power, many new 125s are equipped with single-cylinder air-cooled engines with an actual displacement of 121.4 cubic centimeters. The maximum power is 7.0 kW/8,500 rpm, the maximum torque is 8.63 Nm/7,000 rpm, and the maximum speed is designed at 88 km/h. At the same time, there is a braking system composed of front and rear disc brakes and anti-lock braking devices.

In terms of design, there is not much change except an optional small windshield and a retro drum bag at the tail.

It adopts three fresh and bright color schemes: youth green, budding powder and true self white, which are full of cuteness and vitality. Not only that, the small pedal with ABS, the sense of security will overflow!

XIX. The X150 TCS version of Guangyang Racing Car was released for 19,280 yuan.

The day after the release of many new 125, Guangyang Guanwei continued to announce the price of X150 TCS version of the racing car, which was 19,280 yuan.

The power is consistent with the anti-lock braking device and the Long March version, and the biggest difference between the appearance and the Long March version is that it has returned to the flat tread design, and other aspects have not changed much.

The configuration of the version of trafficcontrolstation is not much different, and of course, the price is not much different. How to choose is up to you.

Twenty, Xiao Sheng Taming Wind 300 was released, and Bigfoot Climber C version is also here.

On April 21st, a new product launch conference was held in Xiaosheng Spring, featuring Taming the Wind 300, the release price of Bigfoot Climbing and the customized version of GV300S.

Taming the Wind 300 has two versions, one-seat version and two-seat version, and the price is 25,980 yuan and 26,580 yuan respectively.

In terms of design, Taming the Wind 300 incorporates bober's style in the cruise car, with a sense of muscle and a sense of cruising. This design is unconventional.

On the opposite side of power, it is equipped with a V-type double-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 296cc, with a peak power of 22Kw/8500rpm and a maximum torque of 25.6N.m/6500rpm, which is consistent with GV300S. And a newly designed DSI air intake system is added, which improves the air intake efficiency and improves the heat dissipation performance.

Bigfoot climber C version costs 14,780 yuan. Compared with the old version, there is no difference in appearance and power. However, there are some upgrades in the configuration.

The old mechanical instrument was changed into LED instrument, the sitting height was reduced to 795mm, and sliding clutch was added. Coupled with the stable power blessing of 250, Bigfoot Climber is definitely a retro climbing worthy of starting.

The GV300S customized version is consistent with the version currently on sale in terms of power, but there are some changes in appearance design. The handlebar is slightly higher than the old version, the seat cushion is single-seat design, and the fuel tank decal has also changed.

The whole car looks more concise and elegant, and the line design is smoother. The appearance of the customized version of GV300S has added a good choice for retro cruise lovers.

Twenty-one, Yamaha's new XMAX 300 is coming, and the price is 49,800 yuan!

On April 21st, Yamaha released the 2023 XMAX 300, and the price remained unchanged at 49,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the front face adopts the design element of "X", and the lines are more aggressive than the previous version. The design of headlights, taillights and cushions has also been redesigned, which is more sci-fi and sporty as a whole.

The power remains unchanged, and other configuration parts include the newly designed LCD+TFT dual display instrument, Smart Key, LED light source of the whole vehicle, TCS tracking control system, aluminum rearview mirror rod, TCI ignition mode, adjustable windshield and handle, etc.

The appearance has become cooler, many configurations have also been upgraded, and the cost performance is high without increasing the price. The new XMAX 300 is competitive enough!

Twenty-two, Zhuangwei entry cruise prestige 250 listed, the price is 19999 yuan.

On April 22nd, Zhuangwei released its brand-new retro cruise prestige 250, priced at 19,999 yuan.

The design is biased towards the American cruise style, and the classic retro side bag makes the whole car look more delicious.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a V-type double-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 250cc independently developed by Zhuangwei, with a maximum output of 14 kW/8,500 rpm, a maximum torque of 18 N m/6,500 rpm and a maximum speed of 128 km/h.

In fact, there are not a few entry-level cruise cars in China at present, but Zhuangwei's prestige 250 has characteristics in color and detail design, and its price is competitive. What do you think of those who like cruising?

Twenty-three, the Air version of Brestone Lanka was released, and the price was 10,980 yuan.

On April 23rd, Brestone released the blue card Air version, with a price of 10,980 yuan. Previously, Blue Card had two versions: Youth Edition and High Edition, and Air Edition was the third.

There is no change in appearance design, but the decal has changed from the previous "9" to a more simple and generous line design.

The power remains unchanged. It is equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 149.3cc, with a peak power of 10.2Kw and a maximum torque of 14 n.m.. Standard ABS, as well as idle start and stop, temple flameout and other functions.

Yan value online, although the price is more expensive than the youth version of 1000 yuan, but the addition of ABS and large-capacity fuel tank, this price is also very valuable.

Twenty-four, the price does not exceed 7,000 yuan, and Haojue economic and practical bent beam UT110 is released.

On April 25th, Haojue Guanwei released a brand-new bent beam UT110 Oscar Pistorius, which has two versions of drum brake and disc brake, and the price is 6880 yuan and 6980 yuan respectively.

Exterior design, the use of more distinctive lines to create a three-dimensional sense, the design of body decals to make the whole car feel more fashionable.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 114cc, with a peak power of 6.5Kw/7500rpm and a maximum torque of 8.7N.m/6500rpm.

For UT110, a modern underbone, economy and practicality are its biggest selling points, and with the price of less than 7,000 yuan, it can almost be described as "super value".

Twenty-five, Xinyuan Tornado 520 was released, and the pre-sale price started at 49,800 yuan.

On April 25th, Edge III of Xinyuan 500, which just appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in mid-April, was released and named Tornado 520. The pre-sale price is 49,800 yuan for the dream version and 53,800 yuan for the flagship version.

In terms of power, it is equipped with Xinyuan's own twin-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 494cc, with a maximum power of 39.6kw and a torque of 50.5N.m.

In terms of design, it continues the style of free-spirited and resolute tough guy, the addition of retro elements and the turtle's back tires shaking on the side make the whole car create a different sense of scene.

Nowadays, motorcycle travel and camping are popular. Such an all-terrain scorpion, which can be used for long-distance motorcycle travel and is also a good helper for camping, can be called an all-round player!

Twenty-six, Zongshen YAMI 3rd Anniversary Edition, Seclon RX401 Travel Edition released.

Zongshen released the third anniversary edition of YAMI and the RX401 travel edition on April 25th and 26th respectively, with the price of 7280 yuan /28999 yuan.

It has been three years since YAMI was released and listed, and Zongshen has launched a third anniversary edition model with a limited edition of 600 vehicles. The power remains unchanged. On the basis of the original 2022 edition, the commemorative edition adds Isle of Man Green and Innocent Blue, and the original vintage orange and pearl white continue to be sold.

Compared with the flagship version, RX401 Travel Edition has no change in other aspects except that the spokes are rotated into aluminum wheels and the three boxes are changed from optional to standard.

RX401 was officially released at the end of March, 2022. There are two versions, the flagship version and the extreme version. The price of the newly launched travel version is nearly lower than that of the flagship version, which seems to be more cost-effective?

Twenty-seven, Excelle 321RR-S TCS version released, the price is 28180 yuan.

On April 25th, Excelle officially released the 321RR-S TCS version with a price of 28,180 yuan.

The new version of the car remains unchanged in terms of design and power configuration. The main upgrade is the addition of TCS and the addition of gold-plated white color matching.

Compared with the previous version, the price only increases 200 yuan, and this price adds TCS, which is quite competitive in the market.

Recently, Excelle team finished the first WSBK race, and Excelle 321RR competed with top models of the same level in the industry, including Yamaha R3, Kawasaki 400 and KTM390. Although the road ahead is hard, it is a big leap for domestic motorcycles!

Twenty-eight, Wuji DS525X officially released and listed.

On April 26, Wuji Guanwei officially released DS525X and announced the price, with the standard version of 37,766 yuan and the three-box version of 41,766 yuan.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a parallel two-cylinder water-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 494cc, with a maximum power of 41kW/9000rpm and a maximum torque of 50.5 N m/7500 rpm. Sliding clutch is standard.

In terms of appearance, the design of DS525X is completely divorced from the design style of DS525. The front face is designed with eagle beak, and with deep and sharp headlights, the gas field is strong.

There are also KYB fully adjustable shock absorption, ABS+TCS double safety guarantee, double disc brake disc+Rixin calipers, elephant brand vacuum tire-Giant vacuum spoke wheel and so on.

This new upgrade, DS525X has made targeted adjustments in power, shock absorption and seat height, improving the off-road performance of this car. This is very GS, and it is worthy of what the official calls "all aspects, treating each other with sincerity."

Twenty-nine, the new polar nuclear series C! TY's first model announced the price

On April 26th, Chunfeng Guanwei officially announced its electric vehicle brand Polar Core C! The first model of TY series c! TY PLAY, the price is 10980 yuan. At the same time, it also announced the first new national standard electric bicycle C! TY FUN sells for 8980 yuan.

The motor in the center is powerful, C! TY PLAY has rated power of 1300W, peak power of 1800W, peak speed of 3500rpm and wheel torque of 110N.m

C! TY PLAY's minimalist design and excellent off-road performance configuration take the high-end trend electric motorcycle route, which greatly meets the travel needs of young consumers.

Interestingly, this car is not designed as an instrument, but allows users to use their mobile phones as instruments through the official APP. Although not everyone is willing to do this, but C! TY PLAY is a new attempt. The maverick style may be able to better control the wind direction of today's market!

Thirty, the first domestic V4 cruise. Benda black flag officially released

On April 27th, Benda held a listing conference of Black Flag in Alashan. The professional edition sold for 33,800 yuan, and the super edition sold for 36,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance design, Black Flag retains a part of the family design language. Under the handsome American cruise design, some sports attributes are added, which looks very full.

In terms of power, Black Flag is equipped with a water-cooled V-type four-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 496 ml, with a maximum power of 40 kW/10,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 42 Nm/7,500 rpm. This engine is equipped with idle cylinder closing technology, which can effectively reduce the heat of the engine while saving fuel. This technology is also the first time to be applied to domestic engine platforms, and it is a very important function in terms of safety.

As a brand with many models in online celebrity, the topic of Benda has been very hot. Since the appearance of the Black Flag Expo in 2022, the expectation among riders is also high. High-standard supporting technology, there is no competitor at the same level at present, and the price is dead. Is it necessary to wait until next year to book a car?

Thirty-one, some overseas motorcycle information

1) In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of cooperation, Triumph and DGR jointly launched the bonneville T120 black DGR joint-brand version, with a global limited edition of 250 vehicles and a price of 14,145 euros.

2) Yamaha released the entry-level pedal model with X force to reduce the sitting height-X forced low, which reduced the previous 815mm seat height to 785mm, and the short man was also perfectly controlled.

3) Super Cub C125 Disney Limited Edition was unveiled at Bangkok Auto Show, with a price of 197,900 baht. In 2023, the retail price of Honda Super Cub 125 was 89,600 baht, which really deserved the title of limited edition.

4) Honda released the 2023 CBR150R in Vietnam, which is equivalent to about RMB 21,100 ~ 21,500 according to different decal colors.

5) Honda released its brand-new model CL250 in Japan, with a price of 621,500 yen, equivalent to RMB32,300.

6) In order to celebrate Earth Day in 2023, Kawasaki launched a new solar-powered WORLDSBK track and brand-new track hardware facilities, which only use renewable energy in daily operation. Solar energy, roll it up!

7) Harley launched its second electric motorcycle, S2 Delmar, and the new car sold overseas for $15,499, equivalent to about RMB 106,000.

The above is the big event that happened in motorcycle circle in April, and we will be there next month!

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