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How far can Chang 'an mini mini-car version electric car run (Chang 'an mini-car electric car)

[Pacific Auto Network New Car Channel] On April 22nd, Changan Lu Min officially released the new car, positioning it as a pure electric mini-car, offering three endurance versions of 155km, 210km and 301km.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a round and lovely light group design, which is obviously different from the same class, and provides seven color schemes, including fog white, moss green, lake blue, magpie gray, dew green, wheat yellow and cherry powder.

The front face of the new car adopts a closed grille design, and the round light group is well integrated with the shape of the car. It is equipped with LED daytime running lights and headlights with halogen light sources, and it also has the effect of running water lighting. The side of the car body adopts the design of hidden door handle, which presents a very simple outline. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3270/1700/1545 mm and the wheelbase is 1980 mm.

The overall size is larger than that of Hongguang Miniev at the same level, and it is similar to the cleverness of Klaiwei. tyre size is 165/70 R14. The tail of Lu Min also adopts a round lamp group shape, which echoes the headlights well.

The new car adopts a suspended central control display screen and an electronic instrument panel. The interior of the car adopts the same color matching as the appearance, and a ribbon-shaped contrast color ornament is added, so the design style is fashionable and exquisite.

In addition, the 10.25-inch central control large screen also integrates the car-car interconnection system such as reversing image, mobile phone interconnection and voice control, and provides two user interface modes to choose from. The car also comes standard with anti-glare interior rearview mirrors and one-button safety door locks.

In terms of power, there are two supplier versions of the drive motor in Lu Min, with the peak power of 30 kW /35 kW respectively. The battery of the first model is equipped with the Ferrous lithium phosphate battery of Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines, which is divided into two endurance versions of 155 km and 210 km, and the 301 km version will be launched later.

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