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Abnormal sound of Fit plane bearing (Fit plane bearing is broken)

Vehicle details:

Time: March 18th, 2019 Customer: Mr. Zhu, Guangzhou Model: Honda Fit gearbox Model: CVT mileage: 100,000 kilometers.

Fault phenomenon of Honda Fit automatic gearbox;

A Guangqi Honda Fit car with a mileage of about 102,000 kilometers and matched with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). User's feedback: the car was seriously shaken when it started. It was confirmed by the maintenance personnel on the spot that when the engine was started, the forward gear was shifted and the brake pedal was released, the car showed the phenomenon of unstable power and body shaking. And when you shift into neutral, everything is normal.

Fault analysis of Honda Fit automatic gearbox;

There are many reasons for auto start's jitter. Let's summarize it for everyone, which is mainly divided into seven points:

1. The thickness of the friction plate of the driven plate is inconsistent, and there is serious wear and tear, and the wave spring plate is damaged;

2. The driven disk or pressure plate is deformed, and the working end face of the flywheel is seriously jumping;

3. The buffer or damping spring on the driven disk is damaged;

4. The height of the inner end of the separation lever is different;

5. The diaphragm spring is damaged;

6. The sleeve and conduit of the release bearing are dirty, and the release bearing cannot return in time;

7. The engine bracket, transmission and other fixing bolts are loose.

Guangzhou chuanxing automatic gearbox specialized chain

Maintenance process of Honda Fit automatic gearbox;

First, the maintenance technician connected the computer, checked the fault code, and displayed "shift control". According to the analysis, the shift jitter may be caused by rough engagement of the actuator, and the fault may occur in the brake, pressure cylinder and its electro-hydraulic control system. Then it was determined that it was an internal problem of the transmission. Through communication with the customer, the customer agreed to disassemble the transmission for maintenance, repair the pressure cylinder, replace the clutch plate of the forward gear, and then test drive and troubleshoot.

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