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Time to market of haojue dr300 (when will the price of haojue dr300 be released)

Haojue has been very concerned by everyone since it appeared in the DR300 last year, but it only made a simple display at the Chongqing Mobo Fair, and did not announce the price, which disappointed many riders. Recently, the DR300 has new news, and it may be listed soon!

Recently, a Haojue motorcycle shop opened in Beijing, and the official Haojue DR300 was displayed in a very conspicuous position on the curtain of the opening ceremony, and it was clearly indicated that the DR300 was about to debut. Does it mean that the DR300 is about to announce its price and start selling?

As a small and medium-sized displacement model of Haojue, the DR300 has attracted much attention. The most important thing is that everyone expects that the power will be stronger than GW250 and the price will be very close to the people. However, in almost a year, Haojue is also a DR300 and a four-cylinder 750, which always gives users "smoke bombs", so everyone's expectations for these two cars are getting smaller and smaller.

Now that it has been marked that the DR300 is about to debut, I still hope that Haojue will be listed as soon as possible.

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