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Evaluation of Seclon rx1s2021 (Seclon rx1s2020)

I am a title of generals in ancient times, the founder and author of the same name, and a motorcycle critic. Welcome to pay attention!

A question invitation sent by a friend who asked questions from Wukong-how about the RX1S of Seclon 2021 used for commuting in the city and occasional long-distance motorcycle trips?

The first thing to say is that more than one friend who pays attention to the title of generals in ancient times has asked this question. It seems that the multifunctional recreational vehicle with small displacement is still highly concerned.

This car has just been upgraded. For details, please refer to the original article published by Biao Qi Fu on July 30th.

Birds also have big dreams —— The upgraded RX1S of Seclon 2021 is on the market.

",the link is as follows.

RX1S is the replacement model of RX1. The old RX1 (pictured above) had two displacements at that time, one was a 150ml single-cylinder water-cooled engine and the other was a 200ml single-cylinder air-cooled engine.

In 2019, after it was replaced by RX1S, the power platform was upgraded to 204cc PY200 water-cooled engine, but it was not equipped with ABS.

This year, Sekelon added a 150cc displacement PY150 water-cooled engine to the 2019 RX1S power system, so,

The 2021 upgraded RX1S power system is now all water-cooled engines, namely the PY150 engine with 150cc displacement and the PY200 engine with 204cc displacement.

The price of the 2021 RX1S equipped with PY150 water-cooled engine is divided into the standard version and the travel version, and the prices are respectively

12,580 yuan and 13,580 yuan

None of them are equipped with ABS, but the difference in configuration is that the travel version has more guardrail, three boxes and man-machine intelligent interactive system OBD.

The RX1S of model 2021 equipped with PY200 water-cooled engine costs 15,280 yuan. If three boxes, fender and man-machine intelligent interactive system OBD are selected, it will cost 1,680 yuan.

That's all for the price.

The 2019 RX1S is equipped with a 204cc PY200 water-cooled engine, three original boxes of fender bars, and front and rear disc brakes with all-terrain tires. As soon as this car came out, it quickly gained a foothold in the market. Compared with the same class models, it has obvious power advantages, reasonable price and good riding experience.

However, other competitors are not vegetarians, and the important thing is to say it three times-you don't have ABS! You don't have ABS! You don't have ABS!

Because two joint-venture Honda models of the same class-Fierce 190X and CBF190X are equipped with ABS, Dayang Tianyue 200 also has ABS version, and the earlier Lifan KPT200 also has ABS version. In this way, the shortcomings of the RX1S in 2019 are more obvious, and it is urgent for Secco to launch the RX1S with ABS version.

Fortunately, Secco launched six upgraded versions of the 2021 new RX1S in time this month, which solved this problem. Not only that, but also made targeted improvements on the use feedback of the 2019 RX1S.

The first is to continue to optimize the power performance, which is more mysterious, optimized and easy to be interpreted as simple matching. This is a word game that many manufacturers often play now, and people are easily confused by what they see in front of them. Seeing is believing, but this power optimization of the 2021 RX1S of Seclon is out of your sight, and you need to actually test drive to realize it.

The so-called power optimization, in fact, mostly re-adjust the matching and calibration of EFI system and engine to make its fuel consumption, vibration and dynamic response more harmonious and unified, followed by adjusting the internal shape of intake port, so that the mixed gas will form vortex effect after entering the cylinder, and the combustion will be more complete and efficient. These are common means for small displacement engines to improve power and combustion efficiency. Other eccentric crankshaft designs and lightweight pistons are now the main means to improve the performance and running quality of the engine. It seems that there is nothing to talk about, but you should know that these are the results of a lot of debugging and matching road tests.

The second is to upgrade dual-channel ABS.

Different from the front-wheel single-channel ABS of shy joint venture brand models, the front and rear dual-channel ABS are much higher than the single-wheel single-channel ABS in hardware cost, software debugging and matching time, because it needs to match the slip rate of the front and rear wheels under different road conditions, and needs a lot of data to support it, involving the original tire grip ability, the braking force of the brake disc brake caliper, the center of gravity distribution and speed of the vehicle, and finally achieving a balance point suitable for most people's driving habits and most road conditions, which has a relatively high technical content. The upgrade of the dual-channel ABS of the 2021 RX1S will effectively make up for the shortcomings of the configuration, and the price will only rise slightly, and the sincerity is full.

This time I went to Zongshen factory, I saw the world. The factory is large in scale, and I also saw many rare things. I have a more intuitive understanding of Zongshen, but I can't take pictures, so I won't elaborate here.

I also saw this upgraded RX1S real car. According to the manufacturer's claim that the quality of paint spraying is improved, the title of generals in ancient times agrees. Unfortunately, photos are not allowed at the scene. My opinion is that compared with the old RX1, the progress is great, the paint quality is good, the paint film is bright, the touch is smooth and flawless, and it has reached the standard of automobile level.

The other upgrade is the configuration of oil seal chain. The service life of oil seal chain is much longer than that of ordinary chain, which is not easy to stretch, can obviously reduce the maintenance frequency and has high reliability of heavy load resistance, which is still of great positive significance when traveling outdoors.

The configuration of maintenance-free battery and double throttle cable is also in line with mainstream configuration standards.

Tell me about the test drive! The engine power curve of PY200 is biased towards low-to-medium speed output, and the maximum torque of 17NM can be output at 5500 rpm, so you can get a brisk feeling when you start and accelerate on the way, and you can feel a strong sense of acceleration when you gently twist the throttle. This dynamic characteristic is believed to be liked by many people. The engine noise is well controlled, the sound waves are gentle, and the exhaust pipe noise is not big, which is silent, even when cruising in the city at a speed of 60 km/h. The engine has always been calm and easy. During the test ride, I deliberately kept the speed at about 50KM/H in the urban common speed range, and I can maintain a stable cruise when driving in the fifth gear, without dragging. The running quality is good, and the vibration is not big. When idling, there will be no problem of rearview mirror jitter of domestic cars. When the speed is pulled to 5500 rpm, there will be a slight vibration at the handlebar, but it is completely acceptable. Therefore, from the running quality, this engine is still very good, and I think it is ok. This engine is a six-speed engine. Compared with the common five-speed engine, an extra gear can effectively reduce the fuel consumption and shock caused by high-speed cruising.

Suspension adjustment tends to be comfortable, and it has a good shock-absorbing ability. If you are just riding instead of walking or riding, this adjustment is appropriate, and the sitting posture is also very comfortable. The riding triangle is very leisurely, and your feet are slightly extended, which makes you feel like riding a scooter. This setting is doomed to be out of the fierce driving control, but it can facilitate you to stand up when passing through the bad road.

Back to the point-is the 2021 RX1S suitable for urban commuting and occasional long-distance motorcycle trips? My opinion is that there is no problem. This car is called an entry-level multi-functional recreational vehicle. The so-called multi-function means that it can not only walk through the city, but also meet the needs of long-distance motorcycle travel. It can not only take paved roads such as high-speed national highways and provincial highways, but also take unpaved roads.

Although the 2021 RX1S is not the kind of hard-core off-road vehicle that can climb mountains and mountains, it is actually more suitable for beginners to use. Conquering the wilderness and no-man's land is only an activity that a small number of enthusiasts are keen on. Most people, especially novices, still like to stay on the road. Therefore, the RX1S of model 2021 can be used in urban roads, although the power is not great, but the fuel consumption and maintenance cost are correspondingly lower, the control is good, it is light and easy to control, and it is more practical than ordinary street cars, because it can load a lot of sundries, and it is also suitable for running motorcycles, because it is more comfortable than street cars, and it is also stronger for models, for example, it is equipped with original fender and bottom fender, front windshield, lifting handle, three boxes and so on.

Sekelon's prescription series models are Zongshen's high-end positioning specializing in the leisure market of motorcycle travel. At present, its product series is quite large, with entry-level rx1, RX3, RX3S and RX4, and there will be RX6 dual-cylinder models in the near future, covering the displacement range of 150 ml to 650 ml, which is extremely rare in China. You can see it when you look at other domestic brands. Therefore, no matter which displacement range you choose, there is a model worthy of your consideration, which is the advantage brought by strength, large industrial scale, strong R&D capability, diverse weapons in hand, large choice of power system, and mature and perfect parts supporting system, which is indeed the first-line brand in domestic independent brands.

Ok, that's it. If you have any questions about this car, you can leave a message in the comment area. If there are enough interested people, it is not excluded that the title of generals in ancient times will make a series evaluation for this car.

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