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Suzuki uy125 Tire Pressure (Suzuki uy125 Tire Pressure Manual)

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Coordinate Beijing, riding for seven years, played Gary Oak car, and rode a big row. Of the two cars left at present, the pedal uy125 is the one I use the most frequently.

Go to work!

New tire pressure monitoring

Let's talk about advantages and disadvantages first.


Low fuel consumption, about 2.

The car is small, flexible and knows everything.

Comfortable shock absorption, more comfortable than the vespa sprint I changed before, anyway

Storage space at the same level is not bad.

Cheap maintenance, complete accessories and cheap modification.



The takeaway brother uses him, and the community is often stopped.

The toilet is slightly smaller.

Soft brakes, abnormal sound

Changed keyless start

Keyless startup is really easy to use

Semi-hot melt tire

Street walking artifact

After all, the knight's destination is the pedal

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