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Abnormal sound of sagitar steering wheel rotation (abnormal sound of sagitar steering wheel rotation)

Twenty-three 280 new cars beyond sagitar have been bought for about six months, and now the problem of abnormal noise has become more and more obvious. As a real car owner, I'm not hacking this car, but really sharing my feelings about using it.

Let me tell you about the car purchase process. From planning to buy sagitar models to determining the configuration, I repeatedly pulled with the local 4s for two months. During this period, I also met the problem of masks and kept communicating on the phone and online. After confirming the configuration and price with the sales, I went to the store for final communication and asked my family to test drive, but the test drive model was 1.5t I feel good after the test drive, because I used to drive 19 LaVida P models, so I have accepted the power. When we sat down to chat, the salesman said that the desired configuration was taken away in the morning, and there was no existing car, and the car reservation was not legal. At that time, the desired model was 280 Beyond with LCD instrument. At that time, when I heard the news, I told the sales staff if I could make some concessions on the price. As a result, I was told that I wouldn't let it, and I decided to take a slap in the face and leave.

I found a used car before and contacted a nearby city. There is also a current car, and the landing price is cheaper than 4 S. I decided to book a car.

Figure 1 On-site inspection of car lifting

Simply put a film on it and use it like this. I didn't find anything unusual in the first two months. When the cold car starts in winter, get out of the parking space, turn the steering wheel back, and then you will hear a "hum" at the right front tire position. I don't know if it is the ball head or the rubber sleeve. Not in the back.

After driving, open all the skylights, and no abnormal sound has been found. However, when the pavement is paved and the road is not good, there will be abnormal noise in the left front A-pillar, but the position can't be recognized. We also find a problem that the horn position will resonate, and not all songs have to be watched by audio.

Later, when I was a co-pilot, I found that the right front A-pillar was also ringing, and it didn't matter if I patted it. Press the door trim by hand, the gap is getting bigger and bigger, and it feels worse than the assembly process of previous generations. When it comes to technology, it is found that the struts on the front cover are as thin and soft as a bamboo pole, so they are all saved in invisible places.

Speaking of advantages, I feel that running at high speed is ok at present, and it is still stable when there is no strong wind.

I don't know, have you encountered any problems with me in the process of using the car, or other riders have encountered other problems. Welcome to discuss them in the comments section.

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