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Hello! Hello everyone, the old driver of the car inspector met with you again. I'm onion, the used car inspector. Because my real name is very similar to onion, people often call me onion by mistake, and over time, they all call me onion. Today, I received a test request from a fan to test a 2019 Grace for him.

You may have to ask Grace, what car? Before I talk about Grace, I want to talk to you about onions. As shown in the above picture, if there are three children in a family, there are 9 people in a family, and there are not enough sports utility vehicles for 7 seats! We need a 9-seater car like Kauste. However, Kauste is not affordable for ordinary families. At this time, I will introduce Grace!

Yes, Grace is actually a light bus of our domestic Jinbei car, with seven-to 10-seat versions. Cheap and beautiful, it's still quite good, very suitable for families with three children. Haha, I'm just kidding, but generally few people buy this kind of used car, and even fewer people come to us for testing. I estimate that no more than 10 cars are tested in a year. But today, this golden cup Grace is still interesting. Listen to the onion and I will explain it to you right away.

When the customer service lady assigned me the test task, I immediately contacted the fans, but the fans couldn't come to the scene because of something, so I went to the car inspection site alone. On the way, I got a general understanding of the situation from the fans. The car is new, but there were some problems during transportation, which caused the left front part of the car to be damaged. Now it has been repaired. Fans also sent me photos of the previous damage.

As can be seen from the photos, the front bumper and headlights have been scrapped, and the left front fender and hood are also severely deformed, but you can't see inside. Therefore, the purpose of fans looking for us to test is to make sure that the girders and other structural parts inside are not damaged. If it is slightly damaged, it is acceptable, because this car is original paint except for the left front part, without any damage, and the most important thing is that it is cheap! Let's not chat, let's look at the basic information of the car first, and then we can directly understand the condition of the car after reading it.

Model year of vehicle: 2019 Jinbei Grace 2.0L Express Comfort 10 seats.

Date of manufacture: December 2019 Mileage: 90km New car guide price: 103,800 Seller's quotation: 55,000.

It can be seen that this car is a damaged car plus a stock car, but the price is really fragrant, as long as it is half of the new car! So if it doesn't hurt the structural parts, it's still very worthwhile. I'll dish it right away.

First of all, it's the old rule. First, take an average paint value on the roof for reference, so that we can judge the overall paint value of the whole car conveniently. Because the probability of paint damage to the roof is very small, but the possibility of paint can not be completely ruled out. If there is paint, it can only be judged comprehensively. However, at present, it seems that more than 90 microns conform to the original factory value.

Later, I checked the front bumper, because there were photos of the previous collision, so I don't have to think about it. The front bumper must have been replaced. Moreover, it can be seen from the installation gap of the front bumper that it is not the original process.

Then, it was checked that the paint surface of the cover was normal, but the screws were removed. Based on the previous collision, it can be confirmed that the cover was replaced later. Because it can be seen from the previous photos that there is obvious deformation, if the deformation needs to be repaired, it will definitely be filled with putty, and the value after filling putty can not be so low.

Moreover, the screws of the left front fender have been removed, and all the screws fixing the fender have been removed, so it can be judged that the left front fender has also been replaced. Some netizens always ask us how to see if the screws have been disassembled. These screws can be used as textbooks to explain to everyone. Seeing that the edges of the screws have obvious paint peeling caused by twisting, and the screw washers also have obvious displacement marks, we can see that they have been disassembled. It's that simple. Have you learned?

Next, a circle of inspection was carried out on other exterior paint surfaces, and it was found that everything was normal, and there were no defects in painting and putty repair. At present, it seems that the car condition is consistent with what fans have learned. Next, check the engine compartment to see if there is any discrepancy with the appearance.

The Jinbei Grace is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum horsepower of 136 HP and a maximum torque of 185N·m, matching a 5-speed manual transmission. See, such a 10-seat light bus is only over 100 horsepower, so don't think that your family has more than 100 horsepower of family car meat. As long as you are willing to give oil, you are the first person to rush out of the green light! In the engine room, it can be seen that the water tank frame is relatively high, and the collision place just missed it, so the parts of the water tank frame are intact, without deformation and sheet metal cutting and replacement.

The headlight screw on the left is removed and the headlight is replaced. After all, it can be seen from the previous photos that there is only debris left in the headlight, and it is not enough to change it.

Let's take a look at the left and right longitudinal beams. From the photos, we can see that the left and right longitudinal beams are intact. We can rule out the situation that the previous impact hurt the longitudinal beams, and we can be sure that the previous impact should not be serious. Because this kind of car, Jinbei Grice, doesn't have a bumper like ordinary family cars, and as a light passenger, its longitudinal beam is very close to the front end of the car. As long as it is slightly serious, it will hurt the longitudinal beam. Therefore, seeing here, I can assert that the collision was not serious, but we are afraid of everything in case, so let's finish the test.

Then I checked that there were obvious cracks on the left front shock absorber seat. It seems that the words can't be said too dead. The previous collision was a little bit strong, otherwise it wouldn't have pulled a hole in this place. At this time, I sent the photos to the fans through WeChat, and the fans said that it was acceptable if the longitudinal beam was not damaged. Then let's move on.

Next, it is expected that there is no trace of putty repair and deformation replacement on the left and right fender frames. Let's see if there is any problem with the engine.

It can be seen that the valve cover gasket, intake and exhaust manifold and engine foot of the engine have no signs of disassembly, replacement and leakage, and the engine room looks very clean, and no other defects can be found except the dust deposited by time.

Next, let's check the oil and water of the whole car. From the photos, we can see that there is nothing wrong with antifreeze, brake oil and battery, so it seems that this car is a new car except for the damage to the left front part.

The next step is to test the interior. At the moment of opening the door, an exclusive smell of the new car comes to the nose, and the plastic dust cover on the seat has not been taken off. I have to say that although this car was manufactured at the end of 2019, it is not used much. The interior looks spotless and there is no wear. Let's take a look at the details.

There is no disassembly trace of the seat screw, and there is no rust and sediment.

The steering column screw has not been disassembled, but there are traces of rust. Because it has not been sprayed with antirust paint and has not been opened for a long time, there will be some rust more or less, but this will not affect the normal use, which is the price impact on new cars. So it makes sense to be cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Onion I personally think this kind of car is still very cost-effective. After all, the safety of the car has no impact, and it has not been driven and worn. It is half cheaper than the new car. Why not? Let's continue today's test.

It can be seen that the screws of the instrument panel, steering wheel and fuse box have not been removed, and the fuse box has no water stains and sediment, but this car is not equipped with airbags. Maybe I have great trust in the driving skills of the old driver of the bus.

Then, it was checked that the ceiling and the ceiling handle had no traces of the seat belt being removed, and the production date of the seat belt was also the original factory, which could rule out the locking, replacement and maintenance of the seat belt caused by the front collision.

However, the back panel of this Jinbei Grace is different from the general family car. It seems that there is no back panel? Haha, the design is very direct. The back row space is properly arranged, that is, there is no other extra space, and all the seats are for you. Of course, it can still be seen from the photos that there was no rear-end collision at the back tailgate, and there were no traces of dismantling the surrounding screws. Let's check the chassis.

Because the inspection chassis needs to be lifted, but the conditions are not allowed, no lift can be found nearby. However, the seller just called a scooter to check other vehicles for him, so we rudely chose this scooter as a lift. It's really something you can't think of, and there's nothing you can't do. It's the first time I've met this kind of thing, as long as I can see it. We don't ask for much.

In the chassis part, it was first checked that all four tires were original, and there was no replacement of aging and bulging. After all, the mileage of the car was only 90 kilometers, and it would be unreasonable if these problems really appeared.

Later, it was checked that there were no signs of disassembly and replacement of the brake cylinder and damping screw of the chassis. It's just that many of the iron parts of the chassis are rusted. It seems that the storage place may be a little wet, but it has little effect.

However, when I looked at the longitudinal beam from below, I found that there were traces of sheet metal repair in the position of the longitudinal beam connecting plate, and there were deformation and rust. This should be because the master was lazy during the maintenance. According to the definition of the national standard, this kind of car has been regarded as an accident car, so I took a photo and told my fans that the problem was acceptable. Then let's continue to look down.

Further inspection of the engine from the chassis below shows that there is no trace of disassembly at the screw joint between the engine and the gearbox and the surrounding accessories, and they all grow there intact.

Finally, we can see that there are no traces of deformation and sheet metal cutting on the anti-collision beam behind the car butt. Then here, more than two hours of testing is over, although the more important questions have been told to fans before. But after the test, I contacted the fans at the first time and told him the overall car condition. He said that the overall car condition was acceptable. Then he began to contact the seller to start the follow-up things, and I packed my equipment and found a place to prepare for dinner and get off work.

Afterwards, I checked the second-hand price of the onion on the Internet out of curiosity. We can see that even if I drive a used car with tens of thousands of kilometers, the price is 70,000 to 80,000, and the car condition is not necessarily as good as today's one. After all, if you put it on a family car, the accident of this car is not even a "front face". Therefore, at a price of more than 50,000 yuan, you can buy this damaged stock car at half the price of a new car. I think it is still very cost-effective. What do you think?

Ok, that's all for today's test sharing. Thank you for reading!

Like a friend like it, onion is not easy for me to code! I feel that writing articles is much more difficult than looking at cars, haha. If something is not well written, please bear with me. But if you have any questions about used cars, you can ask me. I will try my best to help you answer them. See you next time.

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