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Yamaha xmax300 2023 color which looks good (Yamaha xmax3002020 color)

Not long ago, Xiang Shuai, the main retro locomotive in China, launched the 2023 model; Among them, the Cangyun series has attracted much attention. In addition to the 300 largest mentioned before, there is also a medium-displacement Cangyun 500MAX, which is a hot retro float model. Today we will talk about it.

In appearance, it is a typical Japanese Bobber-style retro cruise locomotive; In terms of competing products, its target is the popular Honda CM500. Like Cangyun 300MAX, the body color matching and flower pulling are extremely colorful. In particular, some bold color matching on retro locomotives is adopted, which makes the eye-catching rate of the whole vehicle riding out very high.

The front of the car is designed with retro round lights, and a small fairing is added. The turn signals on both sides are also round, and the details are processed, which echoes the tail light group. At the same time, some pull flowers have been added to the side of the car body, combined with the color matching of leather seats with high saturation, which makes this retro motorcycle look full of young people's playful temperament.

Because this car uses an in-line two-cylinder water-cooled engine, the bottom of the fuel tank is still very full, and combined with a relatively flat exhaust design, it is strong and not thin. In terms of power, due to the upgrade of the engine platform, its maximum output is 41.9kw/8500 rpm and its maximum torque is 50.5NM/7000 rpm. This dynamic data is better than CM500, and combined with the similar vehicle weight, Cangyun 500MAX will perform better in accelerating the extreme speed.

And with the upgrade of the power platform, Xiang Shuai also added a belt drive version to the 2023 Cangyun 500MAX; This makes some riders who are obsessed with belt retro cars no longer entangled, but also eliminates the cost of later modification. At the same time, belt drive has also brought about the improvement of riding quality and the reduction of maintenance cost.

As a Japanese-style retro cruise locomotive, Cangyun 500MAX has a sitting height of 698 mm. The lower sitting height and front and rear ABS can improve the riding confidence of some low-height riders. Moreover, the sitting posture is stretched, and there will be no leg discomfort during long-distance riding. The front shock absorption of the whole vehicle is made in Yu 'an, China, with a stroke as high as 130mm, and the rear shock absorption has an airbag and the preload is adjustable; With 1 large tire, the riding comfort of this retro cruise car is improved again compared with the previous generation.

As a medium-displacement retro locomotive with Honda CM500 as the standard, the 2023 Cangyun 500MAX car is really MAX as its name suggests. At the same time, the original power platform is upgraded, and the belt drive version with high voice is added; Let it be in the displacement range of 500cc, which is very attractive. Considering that Xiang Shuai Heavy Machinery is priced at its early 30,000 s, this makes it very cost-effective; This may also indirectly contribute to the price reduction behavior of Honda CM500 last week.

In the face of the targeted upgrade of the domestic Xiangshuai Cangyun 500MAX, Honda's biggest advantage is its brand effect and long-term engine running quality; But the two are close to double the price. If you were a cyclist with money on the sidelines, what would you choose? Welcome to leave a message to discuss and share!

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