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Speed-up of Apulia gpr250 (measured speed-up of Apulia gpr250)

In the field of entry-level imitation, whether it is a genuine main engine factory or a miscellaneous brand "Horizon", it has been trying its best to divide the market. There are piles of configurations, shanzhai appearances, and performance wins. Today, I will talk to you about an interesting 250 ml imitation race-QJ Motor Race 250.

As we all know, in the 250 ml imitation market, Suzuki GSX250R is strong, and there are also Zhuyu such as Chunfeng 250SR, which is the main sport. Last year, the QJ Motor Race 250, which was listed at 19,999 yuan, directly hit a single rocker arm and a curb weight of 159 kilograms when it was listed. It's really menacing.

In the power part, Sai 250 (standard version) is equipped with a single cylinder /4V/DOHC/249cc/ water-cooled engine, with the maximum power of 20.5 kW /9500 rpm and the maximum torque of 22.5 Nm/7,250 rpm. Under my weight of nearly 160 grams, I can also make an acceleration of 10.13 seconds.

As a single-cylinder car, vibration suppression is also the most concerned part. In view of the fact that many models in the past could not control resonance well, I was worried about it when I started the 250 th race. However, in actual performance, the comprehensive vibration suppression of 250 is a surprise. Between 4000-5000 rpm/partition, which is widely used in daily life, it will hardly bring me obvious vibration feedback. After about 6000 rpm, especially in the interval of 7000 rpm, the vehicle will have obvious resonance. But the duration is very short, and there will be a feeling of reduced vibration after acceleration. And when driving in the full speed range, the 250 will not produce disgusting abnormal sound of the car shell, and the overall performance is ideal.

In this respect, the 250 can be said to be more prominent in the current car of the same class.

The frame part is also a small surprise. In the face of diamond frame, woven frame and expensive biplane frame, the steel tube frame of Sai 250 looks cheap in terms of visual inspection. But interestingly, it is very similar to the structure of double-wing beam frame while ensuring material strength and lightweight control. This makes it able to bring better rigid performance when driving in the curve of mountain road.

When testing the mountain road in a more radical way, the frame of Sai 250 did not bring a sense of weakness and drift, no matter whether it was a fast turn up the mountain road or a heavy brake turn down the mountain road. What's even more rare is that this car also makes me feel a good sense of stability.

And thanks to the targeted adjustment for the rake angle, the control feeling of the race 250 is flexible and smooth. Before it was changed, it was really hard to believe that this car was from QJMOTOR, a "lead-pouring family". If we want to compare with competing products of the same level, in terms of handling feeling, Sai 250 has more flexible performance in corners than FKM 3GP, and also has more stable driving feeling than Chunfeng 250SR. Of course, there is still a gap compared with the Apulia GPR250R originated from the track, after all, the price is still far from it. If you want to compare it with the infinite 250RR, I can only say that the gap is only between millimeters.

In terms of configuration, the sliding clutch of 250 is a good plus item, which is good for the feel when operating the clutch and the response of the whole shift. It is a pity that its gearbox does not have a pleasant sense of inhalation when shifting gears, and the gap between the original gear bars is slightly larger, and the sense of advanced is not strong.

KYB's shock absorption is a high configuration for this level, and the overall adjustment is biased towards sports, and the supporting performance is ideal; Aggressive driving can also get clear road feeling feedback through faster rebound speed. However, at the level of comprehensive adjustment, QJMOTOR obviously did not compromise too much on comfort. During daily driving, the bump caused by rear shock absorption will be stronger.

The brake part should be said to be the weaker part of the 250 compared with the same class models. Except that the front brake calipers do not use the common radial-to-four calipers in the market, the adjustment of braking force and the performance of brake feel are not ideal in the same class. Specifically, the braking force, yes, but the brakes should be pinched to the end. The front-end feel feedback is not clear, and there is no obvious braking force feedback. As far as sports driving is concerned, the matching degree of this braking system is not qualified. Of course, words are also divided into two ends. As far as urban cycling is concerned, the braking of Race 250 is not easy to give people violent braking feedback, but gives comfort consideration. And in the face of medium and low speed braking, the braking performance is also sufficient. If combined with shock absorption adjustment, it should be said that Race 250 is trying to find a balance between sports and comfort.

To talk about the reason why Sai 250 will be concerned by everyone, there are several details that are worth noting. The first is the seat height setting. In the face of more and more novice girls who want to get started from the imitation racing car, Sai 250 simply set the seat height at 780 mm. According to my measured height of 170cm, girls with a height of less than 160cm-175cm are too prone to stress when driving. The design of the high handlebar can also make the novice friends accept this slightly diving posture more quickly.

Of course, in the handlebar design, Sai 250 also used a little care. It is said that "the handlebar installed under the upper joint plate can be called imitation race, while the others are all sets of shells". However, for the entry-level urban positioning imitation racing car, too radical sitting posture setting does not have much benefit. Specific reference to April's GPR series can be reflected. The comparison of QJMOTOR also gives a plan, that is, the position of the upper joint plate is moved up, even if the handlebar is installed below the upper joint plate, it can still obtain a relatively comfortable position height, thus adapting to the driving habits of most people.

Another aspect is the hollowing-out treatment that can be seen everywhere in the whole car. Whether it's the upper joint plate or the back seat, it imitates the light stealing treatment and vent design of the large-displacement imitation racing car, which makes the whole car exude a strong sporty atmosphere. Combined with the shell designed according to the aerodynamic principle, the full streamline shape is also rare in the same class at present. Although the whole car still has a lot of "Qianjiang Department" general accessories, it has to be admitted that QJMOTOR really put a lot of thought into the race 250.

Nowadays, on the basis of the standard version, Sai 250 has also introduced a youth version with double rocker arms, which is different in color matching and rear rocker arm shape, and the price is more favorable by 2,000 yuan. At the same time, in order to compete in the two-cylinder 250cc market, Sai 250 also derived a powerful version, equipped with an in-line two-cylinder /8V/249cc/ water-cooled engine. Statistically, this should be the same platform "brother" as Benagli Tornado 252. And the price of 25,999 yuan, although only more expensive than Tornado 252, is less than that of 200 yuan, but the configuration it carries should be said to be beyond the scope of 200 yuan.

Sai 250 Youth Edition

Sai 250 Engine Edition

From a macro point of view, although QJMOTOR has been innovating in the mode of "going down to jiaozi", at present, it is only in Sai 250 that he writes the most. In the early years, Sekelon pioneered the market segmentation in the motorcycle market for the first time. "The same model, different configurations and different price models" can make a single product cover a wider area and have a larger audience. When it comes to QJMOTOR, it changes the complicated configuration segmentation of Seclon, but integrates multiple platforms into one market, and then refines the market through simple configuration changes and price ranges. As a result, this practice is very positive for the market. Motorcycle friends can also have more choices under such conditions.

Finally, what do you think about Sai 250? Let's talk in the comments section!

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