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Maximum speed of Yamaha xmax (what is the maximum speed of Yamaha xmax)

Recently, Yamaha released its classic pedal model-2022 XMAX250 ABS, and announced that it will go on sale in Japan from September 8.

Yamaha Urban Pedal Motorcycle "XMAX" series is developed based on the concept of maximizing commuting function, that is, maximizing commuting function. The 2022 XMAX250 ABS inherits the excellent genes of Yamaha "Max" series, with beautiful appearance, smooth body lines, modern fashion sense, practicality and handling, and is a car worthy of fans.

Appreciation of new car details

Front face:

The new car inherits the DNA of Yamaha Max (male name equals Maximilian) family, and the front face is integrated with a unique "X" design element. The dart design with horizontal front and back connection presents a sense of movement, while the vertical modeling line gives people a sense of comfort, which fully advocates the personalization of XMAX.


XMAX adopts the design of high-brightness LED projection double headlights with central LED lights, which not only improves the lighting and recognition at night, but also fully shows the advanced sense of the times with sharp modeling, creating a capable and refined image. When the high beam function is turned on, the LED light in the middle will also light up automatically.


The new car is designed with separated light-emitting diode taillights, which is sporty and fully demonstrates the consistent style of Yamaha Max (male name equals Maximilian).


The multifunctional instrument of XMAX adopts the design of traditional mechanical instrument matched with digital LCD instrument with central LCD display. This mix-and-match combination mode is not only beneficial to data reading, but also slightly higher in reliability than the current popular full LCD screen. The left and right displays are pointer speed and rotation speed respectively, and the central LCD screen indicates time, mileage and fuel quantity, so the driving information is rich and clear at a glance. Moreover, it is very convenient to switch the display information quickly through the switch button on the handle.


The adjustable windshield has a height of 50 mm for the rider to adjust himself to achieve the best diversion effect at various speeds.


The handle of XMAX is also adjustable, with a distance of 20 mm moving back and forth. The knight can freely adjust the position of the handle according to his height and driving habits, so as to achieve a comfortable and easy-to-control sitting position.

Front box:

Two large-capacity storage boxes are designed on the left and right inner sides of the front panel of the new car, which can hold gloves and other personal belongings. The left side is also equipped with a 12V external DC power supply interface, which makes it more convenient to charge smart phones.

Handmade leather texture lines:

Hand-made texture lines of car accessories are very particular about details, which fully enhances the texture of the whole car.


With the adoption of a new lighter frame, the weight of 179 kg is reduced by 9 kg compared with the old one, and the strength and rigidity balance of the frame are further optimized, providing a better driving experience.


The storage box under the seat cushion has an ultra-large storage space of about 45 liters, which can accommodate two standard 3/4 helmets, or one helmet plus a business bag with the size of A4 paper, and there is still room for carrying small articles. At the same time, it is equipped with LED lighting for night use.


XMAX's engine adheres to the "blue core" blue core tenet originated from Yamaha motorcycle racing team, that is, make good use of every drop of gasoline. Diasler die-casting Al-Si alloy cylinder is used inside the engine, and it is equipped with a 12-hole electronic oil supply system, which makes the engine run more smoothly. Yamaha put forward the engine design concept in 2014, which can give consideration to driving pleasure and reduce fuel consumption at the same time. The central idea of energy-saving technology has three points: improving combustion efficiency, increasing heat dissipation efficiency and reducing power loss. One of the ways to improve the combustion efficiency is to increase the area of the air partition to make the air intake more stable, which also allows XMAX to give consideration to acceleration performance and environmental protection benefits.


XMAX adopts a brand-new intelligent sensor, that is, a keyless ignition system. The knight can turn on or off the power supply, start or stop the engine and lock the handle, and control the switch of the glove box under the seat cushion, the front glove box and the fuel tank by simply carrying the key, which is full of convenience and greatly improves the anti-theft safety.

Shock absorption:

The new car adopts a vertical front fork with a diameter of 33 mm, which is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the rear shock absorption is 5-stage preload adjustable, so that XMAX can have both stability and comfort, which is more suitable for urban riding and commuting. The front shock absorber is installed on the upper and lower double plates, so that the scooter also has the front shock absorber structure for riding a motorcycle, and the maneuverability and stability are improved.


The front and rear wheels of XMAX are both equipped with double-piston calipers and single-disc brake disc, which is different from the general design that the center of gravity of pedals is biased to the rear of the car on the premise of paying attention to sports performance, and has a better front-to-rear weight ratio. The tire configuration of the first 15 inches and the rear 14 inches also makes it have better handling and road trafficability. Anti-lock braking system, the standard anti-lock braking device for new cars, can also effectively prevent the tires from locking and slipping due to emergency or wet roads, thus improving the braking safety.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with the traction control system of the trafficcontrolstation, that is, the tracking acceleration slip regulation, which can sense whether the wheel speed difference before and after traveling exceeds the factory set value, and if so, the system can intervene to control or reduce the wheel slip, so as to maintain the required power and the correct driving direction. At the same time, the system can also improve the acceleration ability and climbing ability of the vehicle, and the cooperation with the braking system of the anti-lock braking device can further improve the driving safety.

There are four new color schemes for the 2022 XMAX250 ABS launched by Yamaha, which create a mature sense of elegance through the combination of gray and gold wheels with dark green tones, which is the same matte dark green as TMAX560, the flagship model of Yamaha Max (male name equals Maximilian) series; Matte red with sports and vitality as the theme, combined with red and black; It shows the unique sense of movement of Yamaha models, and adopts the matte blue of blue body and wheels; The combination of pure white body and black wheels highlights the sporty style, and it is matte white for a wide range of users. The original subwoofer with dark tones shows exquisite texture and follows the matte dark gray that was widely praised in the 2021 model. It will also continue to be sold.

The new car will be manufactured by YIMM, an Indonesian subsidiary of Yamaha Group, and sold back to Japan.

Main technical parameters of Yamaha 2022 XMAX250 ABS

Engine type: single cylinder water-cooled four-stroke SOHC 4 valve

Displacement: 249 ml

Cylinder diameter × stroke: 70.0mm× 64.9mm.

Compression ratio: 10.5: 1

Maximum power: 17 kW (7000 rpm)

Maximum torque: 24 [newtonm] (5500 rpm)

Wheelbase: 1540mm

Ground clearance: 135 mm

Economic fuel consumption: 33.8km/L.

Fuel supply mode: electronic fuel injection

Starting mode: electric starting.

Ignition mode: TCI

Braking mode: front and rear single disc brakes

Clutch type: dry automatic centrifugal type

Transmission type: continuously variable transmission, continuously variable speed.

Length × width × height: 2185mm× 775mm× 1415mm.

Seat height: 795 mm

Vehicle mass: 179 kg

Tank capacity: 13 liters

Front wheel specifications: 120/70-15m/cm 56P

Rear wheel specification: 140/70-14m /C 62P

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