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The reason for the high price of Gaohe car (Gaohe car is so expensive)

As an autobot who has been in business for more than ten years, it doesn't seem too much to say that he has read countless cars. But one weekend last year, on the way downstairs to buy breakfast, I first came across a big orange car, Kochi Xixi X. No matter the design and size, even the 22-inch rim that was much higher than Malu's teeth, I couldn't ignore it. What's even more embarrassing is that I don't know this car. Moreover, I didn't find much information about my identity in this big guy who hasn't been licensed yet, but I can vaguely feel that the price of this car should be "considerable".

Today, this matter is regarded by me as a black history that spurs me. Recently, however, with the general strength of new energy vehicles in the second-hand market, I have remembered that the price of this new car is comparable to that of the BMW X5. What kind of painting style will its second-hand car performance be? If this car is used, is it worth recommending?

Less than 2 years after listing, it's nothing to lose 200 thousand?

In theory, the used car of Gaohe HiPhi X is only one and a half years old at the earliest. However, it is not only the 2021 models listed last year that are active in the market, but also a certain number of 2022 quasi-new cars listed at the beginning of this year. The quasi-new cars mentioned here don't need to be quoted at all. Even for people like me who are harsh on used cars, they can really achieve the so-called quasi-new in terms of car condition. But even a quasi-new car with beautiful car age and mileage data. Compared with the price of Gaohe HiPhi X, it is about 100,000 yuan less. It can be described as a state of "losing" 100,000 when you turn your hand.

But if you are surprised by this, it can be said that it is unnecessary. Because if the car price itself is more expensive, such as the flagship model, even if it is a quasi-new car, the "loss" in the second-hand market is more than 100,000 yuan, and it can even reach 150,000 yuan.

Then, if the original car owner who has been driving honestly for more than a year wants to sell now, what will be the price of his used car? In this case, it is very normal that the used car price of Gaohe HiPhi X is 200,000 yuan less than the new car price.

The above prices don't even need much reference mileage or car color matching. On the one hand, the car age is relatively short, and although the high-tech HiPhi X is very large, most of the car scenes will not be used for long distances. Another interesting thing is that although orange is very eye-catching, it can even be regarded as an advertising color. However, most of the products circulating in the market are still relatively low-key gray. Relatively speaking, this is a relatively valuable color scheme.

However, from the conclusion, under the background that new energy vehicles are generally exotic, Gaohe HiPhi X still shows the high depreciation performance of electric vehicles in the traditional impression. Even in the case that the purchase tax and other links have advantages, the damage situation in a short period of time has reached or even surpassed the fuel vehicles with the same price. Then, is the second-hand HiPhi X, which is said to be in excellent condition and has made substantial concessions in price, worth the so-called "bargain-hunting"?

Advantages are easy to get bored, and you must have strength if you want to copy the bottom.

Let's take a look at the "valuable" part of Gaohe HiPhi X, and the first push is Yan value. Even I believe that many consumers who pay for the new car of this car are also for its face value. No matter what color scheme, Gaohe HiPhi X is more eye-catching like a concept car on the road. How much do contemporary young people care about face value? If you look at the marketing of all kinds of blind boxes, milk tea and even Wenchuang co-branded ice cream, you can probably know a little. Although the price of a high-tech HiPhi X is not comparable to those of fast-moving consumer goods, the way is the same.

Even if we, the rational "old bones", don't look down on this handsome and cool ostentation, it's also a lie to really see the door-to-door combined with the wing-to-wing door of Gaohe HiPhi X once and say that we are not attracted. And coming to the interior part is also a big screen style that young consumers love to see. In particular, the co-pilot screen size is very exaggerated, reaching 19.9 inches, and watching movies is immersive enough. The two examples mentioned at hand are all standard configurations of Gaohe HipHi X. Therefore, in terms of displaying personality, the performance of Gaohe HiPhi X can be regarded as "equality of all beings".

So it's just a model? The 2021 Gaohe HiPhi X, which is the first to be listed, has an official acceleration of 3.9-4 seconds. This year's 2022 model was launched on the basis of the price drop, and the zero-hundred-acceleration result also shrank to 7.1 seconds. As far as the 2021 model is concerned, with such a big guy, the acceleration ability of Gaohe HiPhi X is still very popular among young people. Even if the performance of the new model has shrunk, it is definitely not a crotch-pulling performance compared with many models of this size. Young people buy new energy, how many of them are not happy?

However, the next item, from what we know, is really difficult to tell whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage, so let's take it as a transitional statement. This is the spatial expression of high-tech HI X. On the bright side, this big guy with a car length of 5.2 meters and a wheelbase of 3.15 meters is not only seen from the outside, but also the layout of four seats or six seats inside, which is not the appearance of goods, but the performance of being able to ride comfortably. However, as a very young consumer model, this medium and large SUV, with double wishbone front suspension, air suspension, some models and overall active steering system, is still very difficult to control. Even being spit out is more difficult to drive than some medium and large MPV models.

The space is big, but I can't hold it myself. It can also be said that the driving level is not honed. However, intelligence has not aroused the interest of young people, which is a serious injury to Gaohe HiHi X. Although the hardware is piled up with great visual impact, the configuration sheets are also dense. However, after the specific use, both the intelligence of the cockpit, including voice control, and its driving assistance ability can only be regarded as the level of mature joint venture brand models at most. And these software things, the upgrade speed is not fast enough. However, those characteristics of hardware will inevitably lead to aesthetic fatigue after a long time. After the fresh smell has passed, it will be impossible to attract the attention of yourself and even your friends around you.

Perhaps it is for these reasons that Gaohe HiPhi X quickly attracted the attention of many young consumers and even placed orders. But after the early adopters, they were placed in the second-hand market relatively quickly. The change in the relationship between supply and demand is also a true manifestation of the price of used cars. However, whether it is the pricing of new cars with a maximum of 800,000 yuan, or the performance of used cars with a loss of 100,000-200,000 yuan. Combined with the performance of its products, Gaohe HiPhi X is destined to be a big toy for a few people. Even if you are interested in it, you need some financial support if you want to bargain-hunting. More importantly, when you are tired of playing, can you be ready to lose a lot of money and get rid of it?

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