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What does a mini barrel worker mean (what does a mini Kuijpers mean)?

Image source: Mini official website

Sir Isgonis creatively created a mini with a transverse engine, creating a new automobile history, while John Cooper used the first mid-engine to change the racing world of the next generation. Two geniuses met and the mini Cooper was born. That is to say, Sir Isgonis designed the mini, and John Cooper gave him racing genes.

John Cooper is a racing driver, an engineer and the owner of the first generation champion team. As famous as Enzo Ferrari. He created the racing map of Britain today. Throughout the development history of the next generation, half the time is the story of John Cooper and his younger brothers' team competing with Enzo Ferrari's team for the championship. The Englishman with thick eyebrows and black hair in a straw hat added a square oil tank and funnel for his team. When his team driver won the race, he would happily somersault on the track.

John Cooper, born in 1923, took part in his first racing competition at the age of 12 in a racing car designed by his father Charles Cooper. He had just passed a few lights when the referee stopped him and told him, "You are too young to take part in the competition. John Cooper left school at the age of 15 and went to work in his father's factory.

Since 1948, he has been making racing cars in houses near London. One of them was bought by future Formula One President Beirne Al Si Tong.

John Cooper co-founded Cooper Motor Company with his father at the age of 23, and later it became one of the best professional racing car manufacturing companies in the world. They made the Cooper 500 single-seater in the 1940s, and put the engine behind the driver's seat for the first time. At that time, many people pointed to his racing car and said that the engine was obviously installed in the wrong place. In 1958, this car with poor engine data won the championship at first, which completely changed the design direction of the future car. Today, all Formula One engines are installed near the middle of the car body.

It has always been John Cooper's dream to build a sports car that can compete with the Lotus elite and then dominate the British racing industry. He was not satisfied after many attempts, until in 1958, when Isgonis developed the first generation of mini-car models, he invited John Cooper to test drive.

John Cooper feels that the control sense of mini-cars is too great, and a high-performance version should be made, but Isgonis disagrees, because he insists that mini-cars should be suitable for daily driving. So John Cooper contacted the boss of Isgonis directly, and finally persuaded the bulkmoldingcompounds company to start producing 1000 mini Cooper in small batches to test the market reaction.

Just before Mercedes-Benz had AMG, BMW had M, Audi had RS, and golf had gas turbine integration, in 1961, Mini introduced the high-performance model Mini Cooper, and 1,000 cars were sold out within a week.

Image source: Mini official website

When John Cooper asked for the production of 1000 mini Cooper, BMC executives thought that they would never sell so many. Finally, Mini Cooper produced 150,000 units. According to the agreement, the mini parent company will pay John Cooper 2 pounds for every high-performance mini Cooper produced.

At that time, no one believed that a mini family car could make any achievements on the professional circuit. In addition to John Cooper, in 1962, the mini Cooper won more than 153 competitions just one year after its appearance.

Then, in 1963, the mini Cooper with higher power and performance was put into the market. According to the plot evolution of the hero film, Mini Cooper won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967 under the pressure of a mocking public opinion, and began to write his own glorious years. Among them, Monte Carlo in 1965 was recognized as the worst weather in the past, and the long alpine section in the middle of the night was miserable. Only 35 of the 237 cars in the competition reached the finish line and Mini Cooper successfully defended his title.

It is worth mentioning that in 1966, three mini Cooper cars swept the top three in the Monte Carlo Rally. However, the good times didn't last long, and these cars full of honors were forced to accept a technical test that lasted for 8 hours after the race. Finally, the Competition Committee announced that the headlights attached to the vehicle radiator grille did not meet the certification standards of similar products in France. Then came the most controversial decision in the history of Monte Carlo racing; The story that Mini Cooper was disqualified only made the bulkmoldingcompounds famous.

In the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally, Altnam drove a mini Cooper to win the championship for the mini car again.

John Cooper has become a legend. It is such a legend who has been committed to the upgrading of mini-car models for 40 years. He and his son michael cooper set up John Cooper's works factory and devoted themselves to the performance modification of mini-cars. Of course, the focus of modification is their most important horsepower and speed.

The mini-car brand can't live without Cooper. Cooper represents the victory of Monte Carlo and all the good memories. He is a part of MNI sports gene.

John Cooper died on Christmas Eve on December 24th, 2000.

Finally, an egg, John Cooper's famous saying: "Driving Mini Cooper is the greatest pleasure you can enjoy with your clothes on!" (You can have an orgasm without taking off your clothes. Drive a mini Cooper.) "

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