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Fit Modification Scheme and List (Fit Modification Case Collection)

"I am a 30-year-old middle-aged struggling man (struggling between greasy and trendy men) in Yinchuan, Ningxia. After moving in May 2020, my daughter-in-law and I need to buy another scooter. The goal is clear: cheap, small, fuel-efficient, leather-solid, and it is best to have some fun to control. At that time, the budget was set at less than 10W for hatchbacks, supplemented by sedan cars. So I saw the second-hand ones: Golf, Swift (no new car), Ang Cocera, Civic, Lei Ling Corolla, BMW Series 1 and 2. "I saw the new cars: Xuanyi, Zhixuan, Fit, Lei Ling and Corolla."

"Why choose Fit later? To put it bluntly, you can't ask too much for this price, but sometimes you are not willing to just buy a pure grocery cart. I also hope to have a little personality and fun. Fit has become one of the few choices. "

"I was very interested in the modification before, but it has always been Xiaobai, and there are not many people playing cars locally, and GR9 is even less. It was the double eleven, so I bought a bunch of things at a treasure. Because it is opened by a daughter-in-law, the interior and exterior decorations are mainly pink according to her requirements. Bought pink surround, pink seat cover, pink steering wheel cover, radar reversing image, LED light bulb, engine guard, sound insulation strip, automatic window lock, automatic headlights and so on. The iron wheel hub was replaced with a set of 2K yuan spinning cast wheels and taillights. "

"The 15-inch wheel hub data, although it is a fake wheel hub, looks good and the loading effect is also available."

"The daughter-in-law likes the pink surround, so she changed the pink surround with daytime running lights and turn signals."

"Maybe since I can drive, my wife has been driving SUVs, including XT5 and Old Tucson, so Fit's wife is very happy to drive. In contrast, she feels that driving is very light, easy to drive and cheerful every day. However, because the new car has some flavor, it didn't take long for the Fit to become my car, and I was asked to suck the flavor before handing it over. "

"Then I entered the stage of deep modification. At that time, I changed some chassis reinforcements (cups, front roof bars, reinforcing rods, etc.) of DP in Taobao, and it felt good, but the quality problems of his gearbox feet appeared. After loading, the whole car began to shake seriously for about a few months, mainly because the rubber parts were not in place. After giving feedback to the boss, it was also very refreshing. I directly returned the money to me. Now it seems that the new product has been optimized, and it has not been used without evaluation. "

"The red one is the gearbox foot at that time."

"It's a coincidence that the original radio was sold to a Guangdong Fit rider in the idle fish, and he was dragged into a Fit group he built when chatting. At that time, he just wanted to change the sound to know Xiaoming's classmates in Beijing, and the deep modification was out of control. We purchased GT5 program, HKS air intake style, auxiliary head section, FGK internal back pressure tail section, CUSCO street R twisted tooth shock absorber, CUSCO oil breather, CUSCO magnetic oil drain screw, Harris gearbox foot, Harris lower arm, trunk foam (spare tire removed), one-button window lift and electric folding ear, rain eyebrow made in Taiwan, tremella, Jianwu two-frequency audio, and high headlights. It can be said that it is the most suitable modification scheme for GR9 to take the street at this stage. The quality of Xiao Ming's modified parts is also very reliable. The most important thing is that the modification takes a lot of detours. It is better to change it directly with a mature scheme after studying for a long time. "

"During the epidemic, I had nothing to do at home, so I ordered a TEI P40NS brake suit. During the period, due to data problems, I negotiated with a certain Linghui for a long time without results. I didn't want to add flanges or gaskets to the hub. Finally, a Fit rider just ordered a set of forged wheels there, which was perfect to avoid. Helpless, I customized a set of forged wheels in his home and bought Michelin PS4 tires on a certain east. "

"It never rains but it pours. Less than two months after the brake was loaded, the instrument indicated that" the braking force is insufficient, please stop as soon as possible ",but in the repair shop, it was found that the right brake oil almost leaked, and the left brake oil was slowly leaking, all at the steel throat. I found a Linghui, and my request for return was rejected again. This time, the other party admitted the quality problem, but said that I had been loading the car for 2 months, so I couldn't return it. It's really strange. Can I find quality problems if I don't get on the bus? And many quality problems can't be found just when you get on the bus, can you? I have always been more supportive of domestic brands, but what everyone supports so much is that the quality is not guaranteed, the after-sales tough attitude is poor, and the cost of rights protection is high. "

"In the end, TEI made a short-term solution to the problem of new steel throat after negotiation, and the slow leakage of brake oil could not be completely avoided, so we can only observe it later. When I issued the new steel throat, I was asked to pay the 200 yuan deposit, saying that many riders took the new steel throat and didn't send the old one back. Ok, it seems that the problem with the steel throat is a common problem of this brand. How many riders have changed it? "

"This experience is really chilling. When selling, I didn't tell you that I needed the hub ET value. When the brand wheels couldn't match, I strongly refused to return the goods. Serious leakage of brake oil occurred shortly after loading, but fortunately there was a hint of fit, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. After all, Fit will not be my last car, but I may not choose certain brands and certain channels for subsequent modification. "

"Power: HKS high-flow air intake+titanium alloy auxiliary head section +GT5 program can be said to be the most ideal street power modification scheme for Fit GR9 at present. The cost performance is extremely high. Before modification, Fit may just be a scooter, but after this set of modification, the fuel car will collapse at will (driving rationally and refusing illegal racing), and the power is perfect. Of course, when we encounter modified Audi, ATSL, some electric vehicles, Civic, manual Sanfei and GTI, we still walk around, and the turbine steel gun can't be provoked. . . . Friendly reminder: GT5 program requires a minimum of 95 oil, but considering that Fit itself is more fuel-efficient, it is completely acceptable. I have a good commute every day, with a one-way trip of 10KM. At present, the fuel consumption is 7.1L, and the fuel consumption of the bear is 7.2L L. "

"Exhaust: FGK internal back pressure, can be loaded with B when striking a fire, and the street will not disturb the people, with low torsional strength. Because GR9 is a CVT gearbox, there is no shift rhythm, so it is not recommended to use too explosive exhaust when walking down the street. (track players and players who started at 6000 rpm please ignore me) "

"Brake: Let's use AP and ENDLESS honestly. If you don't figure out the appearance of the caliper, it is very easy to directly change the steel throat of the leather disc, and the brakes with large calipers are heavy and heavy, which will affect the power output. "

"Shock absorption: consider clearly before using the twisted teeth. If you drive alone, it is perfect, lowering the body and steering are supported and adjustable. If the pure family car is still cautious, after all, the comfort and passability will decline after the reduction. "

"Hub: To pursue speed or 15, change to 16 inches at most. The 17-inch wheel hub is nothing but beautiful, because the 17-inch sidewall will be very thin and the wheel hub will be very heavy, which will seriously affect the comfort and acceleration ability. "

"The small Fit, which only sold for 8W, brought me a completely different experience. Although I took many detours in the process, the final effect was still good. At the same time, I also met many good riders, many Fit riders and Civic riders, and many modified car enthusiasts. I never understood why many riders in China and even many riders in the world love Honda brand and JDM culture so much. I didn't come into contact with many fascinating things about Honda until I played Fit: in Tokyo, Japan, there are a group of underground racing parties. Many riders are not very rich, but they buy a second-hand or even N-handed Honda Civic (and of course Subaru, Toyota, etc.) and make a little modification. The low entry threshold, unlimited modification space, a large number of modified parts, and a sturdy engine gearbox chassis have enabled Honda to successfully capture a large number of loyal fans. Other brands, such as German, American and even want to play a 86/BRZ well, are expensive, and the ultimate fun of playing cars with civilians is Honda's most fatal attraction. For middle-aged men, how to please themselves while taking care of their families is a problem that you can't have it both ways, and the appearance of Fit has solved my problem. The high cost performance of playing Fit will not affect the normal expenses of the family. This is the responsibility that men must shoulder, and playing Fit has made themselves infinitely happy. This is the last struggle for men to die. "

"Now my happiest thing every day is to enjoy the time on my way to and from work by flying Fit. If you like Honda and Fit as much as I do, whether you just buy food or are going to change it into a super run, we can all become the best friends."


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