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Top speed video of Benagli cubs 500 (how fast can Benagli cubs 500 run)

Although Benagli Young Lion 500 also adopts the design technique of "modern retro", the family design elements are everywhere.

Inherit the overall style of Benagli cub 125, but keep the classic shape while mixing modern elements into it; The whole car has simple lines, rich body shape and a little sporty atmosphere.

It is equipped with an inline two-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke 500ml engine. DOHC has four valves per cylinder, the cylinder diameter stroke is 69×66.8, and the compression ratio is 11.5:1. The maximum horsepower is 47.6 horsepower, the maximum power is 35 kW at 8500 rpm, and the peak torque is 45 Nm at 5000 rpm. Adopt international six-speed, wet multi-disc clutch and chain drive. The height of the cushion is 790 mm, the volume of the fuel tank is 12.7 liters, the fuel consumption is 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers [battery life is 280 kilometers], the acceleration at zero hundred is 5.6 seconds, the top speed is 160 kilometers per hour, and the curb weight is 207 kilograms.

Equipped with full-vehicle LED light source, split-screen LCD instrument, double throttle cable, front and rear ABS. The front 320mm double disc with opposite four-piston calipers and the rear 260mm single disc one-way single-piston calipers are adopted. Equipped with inverted front fork and spring-type knob on the rear side for preload and adjustable shock absorption. Pirelli angel street vacuum tire with front 120/70-ZR17 and rear 160/60-ZR17.

As a retro streetcar, the Young Lion 500 has taken the essence of its handling and appearance, but its workmanship and quality have not been ruined.

Then, among the domestic retro streetcars with the same price, would you choose the Young Lion 500? Leave a message and tell me.

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