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Does sagitar modified electric seat affect airbag (how much does sagitar modified electric seat cost)

For the choice of car configuration, many friends around the snail game will be entangled in the choice. Do you want to buy a low-end model or a high-end model? If you compare the low-profile models with the high-profile models, it is simply a heaven and an underground. Before, some people on the Internet said that you can choose a low-profile car and then modify your favorite configuration, so some people began to consider low-profile models when buying a car.

To tell the truth, after the configuration of some high-end models is modified with low-end models, it will be found that the cost may be more expensive than buying high-end models, and there are actually many configurations on the car that are not recommended to be installed later, which may affect the vehicle warranty. Today, let's take a look at the four configurations that are not recommended to be installed in the later stage of the car, and see if you have stepped on the thunder!

The first one: skylight

Skylights can never be added later. Adding skylights is equivalent to a major operation on the car, and there is no way to pass the annual inspection. Adding a skylight is equivalent to changing the overall structure of the car, and it poses a safety hazard to the safety of the top of the car. In addition, the added skylight will also have problems such as water leakage and abnormal sound, which will be difficult to completely solve in the later stage. If you want a skylight, buy it as standard as possible from the original factory, and don't think about adding it later.

The second: 360-degree panoramic image system

For novice drivers, the standard of car selection requires cars to be equipped with 360-degree panoramic images, which is very practical; But if it is not equipped with the original factory, don't install it later. So why not suggest that you install it later, but try to choose what comes with the original factory? The main reason is that the configuration of 360-degree panoramic image involves too many lines on the body, and many parts need to be broken, punched and disassembled in many places. The vehicle is seriously damaged, which may also affect your warranty.

Even the nondestructive installation promoted by the merchants often needs to be disassembled in many places. If the installation master in charge of your vehicle is unprofessional, it is easy to accidentally encounter any small parts during installation, which may cause abnormal noise during driving or vehicle failure, and it may be difficult to find the reason for later maintenance.

The third one: ACC adaptive cruise system

ACC adaptive cruise system is particularly popular in recent years, and many models are equipped with it. This configuration allows you to basically not step on the brakes and accelerator at high speed, which is very convenient to drive, and it is definitely a worry-free and labor-saving configuration; But if your car didn't match this configuration originally, don't add it later. ACC adaptive cruise system is not as simple as vehicle lighting modification, and it can be used when installed.

The original ACC adaptive cruise system and the vehicle have been simulated and tuned in a very complicated way, with high safety. Compared with the original factory, the ACC installed later is prone to problems when used, and once problems occur at high speed, the probability is out of control, and the consequences can be imagined.

Fourth: airbags

Can car airbags be added? In fact, it depends on whether the space for installing airbags is reserved when the vehicle is designed. You can install it with reservation, but you can't install it without reservation. So why not suggest installing airbags? There are several reasons:

1. The cost is too high, so it is better to choose the version with airbag. The cost of the airbag itself is high, and there are working hours for later installation, and the cost is even higher.

2. Security issues. Installing airbags requires high technology, and ordinary 4S shops or repair shops do not have this qualification to install them, and airbags can hardly buy original parts, so there will be safety problems produced by sub-factories or small factories. The airbag of the original car is designed after repeated tests by the manufacturer, and will be tested on the real car. Self-installation, poor parameter setting, not only can not protect, but also is likely to become a safety hazard.

3. Responsibility attribution. Almost no one will give you the airbag installed later, fearing that it will not explode smoothly, and it is difficult to judge the responsibility.

4. The installation of airbags needs to be reported to the vehicle management office, and can only be installed after approval. Otherwise, it is illegal modification, and the steps are very troublesome.

Finally, I would like to provide a car purchase suggestion for all riders! Always choose the original equipment for your own safety and vehicle safety, and there will be certain risks in later modification and installation.

If you still don't know how to choose a suitable car model in your car budget, please leave a message in private. Snail GG will reply as soon as possible after seeing it!

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